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The Best Alternatives Craigslist Hookup Sites 2023

GOOD FOR lonely singles who are looking relationships of different kinds
GOOD FOR adults looking for casual dating

Best Craigslist Hookup sites

  1. Good for men looking for fellow men BuddyGays
  2. Good for meeting Big Beautiful Women FatFlirt
  3. Good for older men and women looking for relationships FlirtyMature
  4. Good for finding fast and easy hookups InstantHookups

Craigslist has recently discontinued its “personals” section to discourage illegal activity. This decision came in response to complaints from users targeted by sketchy activities and other shady individuals without any warning. The company posted an announcement on the personnel website saying that they had removed the listings “because of both new government legislation and ongoing work we’ve been doing to address issues related to malicious activity.”

Fret not, and even Craigslists Personal is no longer available; the internet is a vast place where anyone can find any information or service they may be interested in. There’s no shortage of sites and apps when it comes to hookups. In this article, we have listed Craigslist alternative hookup sites worth checking out and Craigslist hookup reviews if you still want to know what the site is all about.

Adult Friend Finder


AdultFriendFinder.com is a website that was founded in 1996 and has been going strong ever since. It’s ranked as one of the top adult sites online, with millions of members from all over the world. The platform caters to couples, women, men, and the LGBT community looking for some no-strings-attached fun. Using the advanced search feature, you can use Adult Friend Finder to find new sexual partners and find potential matches in your area. There is also a “meet up” feature that gives you the chance to do more than just chatting online with someone you might be interested in.

This site provides unique features like activity tracking, compatibility test, and virtual gifts shop. Additionally, the site states that it does not condone any illegal activity but leaves it up to the discretion of the individual as to what they do once they meet someone from the site.



BeNaughty is a dating site and app that offers its members the opportunity to have more fulfilling sexual encounters. It provides access to members who are looking for dating, chat, or no-strings-attached interactions. In addition, the platform gives members the chance to find one-night stands without worrying about commitment.

Intending to make their members feel comfortable with the idea of casual sex, BeNaughty has gained popularity among people who are not ready to commit more of their time or emotional energy into just one person.

Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison is a dating website for people who are seeking discreet relationships. It was created in 2002 by Noel Biderman and has seen its share of controversy. Users can search for other members based on age, location, and sexual preference. The site is geared towards married people and those seeking extramarital affairs and falls under the larger umbrella of online hookup sites.

This dating app is still among the top 10 most downloaded applications. Ashley Madison is not only included those seeking same-sex relationships but also those looking for extramarital affairs. There are over 60 million users on the platform, and it’s offered in 37 countries worldwide.

The site has been featured on many talk shows and TV news stations for its beliefs of supporting freedom of sexual expression.



Outpersonals is a dating app that provides couples and gay singles looking for an easy and relaxed way to meet other people. The app offers users the opportunity to chat, see each other’s profiles and photos, and then arrange a date or have a conversation. Both men and women can create profiles on Outpersonals and search for potential matches from those who have also made profiles on the app.

One great feature of Outpersonals is that you can browse potential matches by category. This way, you know what sort of person you’re signing up for before diving in. There are also chat rooms for people with specific interests, which offers an opportunity to connect with someone who shares your passions or beliefs. You can also filter through matches based on location, so you don’t have to travel too far afield to find a date.



SeekingArrangement is a dating app that seeks to provide an alternative for people looking for something different in their lives. The app has been online since 2006 and is now the fastest-growing sugar daddy dating site in the world. There are over 20 million members on SeekingArrangement, with 1,600 new signups every day. It’s pretty easy to become a member; all you need to do is download the app and complete your profile with your preferences.

People on this app are looking to explore their sexuality in nontraditional ways by offering companionship, financial assistance, or just someone to accompany them to events. So if you’re tired of wasting your time on dating apps where people are looking for more than what they say, then SeekingArrangement is your answer.



One of the best Craigslist dating alternatives, Doublelist, is a free dating app that connects the world’s people through just one simple tap. This app is designed to be easy for everyone to use and guarantees you will find someone who shares your interests, passions, and goals. People are constantly looking for ways to connect with new people, meet their true soulmate, or explore the world- this app does all of that!

Some of the features include “voted up” hashtags, which let users share their interests and offer up new suggestions, and the ability to search for users based on interests or hobbies.



FetLife is a free online dating app that has been the overwhelmingly favorite of people interested in kinky, fetish, and BDSM relationships. It was founded in 2008 by John Baku, a Los Angeles-based web developer who was baffled by the lack of a dating site dedicated to those with kinks and fetishes. Following its launch in 2009, FetLife grew to host over four million members as of 2017.

This app is an alternative to other social media apps, and it provides a platform for finding new friends and singles with similar interests. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.



Since its release in March 2009, Grindr has been the most popular gay dating app on the market. It is a location-based social networking application, which uses GPS to find nearby gay, bisexual, and queer people. To use Grindr, you must first create an account by entering your email address and a password of your choice. After this step, you will be required to enter a profile picture or select one from a pre-existing gallery that comes with the app automatically.

It has over 3 million active users who log onto the app every day to find love, companionship, or one-night stands.

Grindr has been around since 2009 when the founder Joel Simkhai envisioned a safe way for gay men to meet other gay men in their area. It was initially only available for iOS devices, but in 2017 they released Grindr Xtra, an Android version of the app.



AdultSearch.com is an online directory of various sex-related products and services. It consists of multiple subcategories for the user to search, including live cams, personals, swingers clubs, erotic films and magazines, adult toys and supplies, and sexual health care providers. Along with the varying forms of adult entertainment to choose from, AdultSearch.com has the most extensive listings of adult services in the world right at your fingertips.

Whether you are in the mood for an intimate one-on-one encounter or you want to meet up with others in your area for free chat or webcam action, AdultSearch.com is undoubtedly a better substitute for Craigslist dating.

Oodle Personal


Oodle is a classified ads site and social media platform. You can find anything from cars to houses and pets to jobs. It is similar to Craigslist, but you can download the app on your phone instead of using the web browser.

Recently, the company introduced a new service for those looking for a date, love, or hookup. This service offers to connect you with people searching for everything from a one-time sexual encounter to a long-term relationship. It also provides access to dating sites, where users can join groups or create their profiles and search for potential partners.


Every day, thousands of people log into the Craigslist website to find a connection with a person they will never meet. It can be a relationship lasting only hours or one that lasts for months. As you might have guessed from the name, Craigslist is a classified ads website where users post jobs, housing rentals, and so much more. However, there’s also a section for erotic services where people can find other people interested in casual sex encounters.

Recently Craigslist Personal Section has been shut down due to the many safety concerns that have been raised, as well as sex trafficing. The site had long been a place for people to post ads and browse through posts searching for a sexual partner, and it was no surprise that criminal activity followed.

Many people have had a bad experience with Craigslist dating, but it all boils down to safety. Some have found that they wanted a more private and exclusive rendezvous, so they turned to sites like Match.com. With strict membership criteria and a more intimate design, this site is perfect for those looking for a little more from their experience without the risk of being catfished or hacked.

Many people view Craigslist as a site for finding items, jobs, or real estate. However, there is another type of transaction that takes place on the classifieds website – sex. The website gained public attention due to its use by people looking to hook up. Many people use casual hookup sites like craigslist to find casual sexual partners because it is an accessible site to navigate. One can search for everything from “casual encounters” or “adult friends.

It has different sections where you can find whatever you are looking for. From casual encounters, swingers, and kinksters, there is something for everyone.

With advances in technology and new ideas on intimacy and sexuality becoming more mainstream, there is a new world of sex possibilities. Hence people are shifting to other dating and hookup platforms like Tinder and Grindr. These hookup websites like Craigslist make it possible for people to date people they don’t live near or know in real life, often without meeting in person. However, alongside these new platforms comes a whole section of people looking for no strings attached hookups.


According to a survey done by eHarmony, 40% of people are using dating apps for both hookup or serious relationships. People use hookup apps for various reasons, but it is most common for people to use them because they want to find someone who shares similar interests and lifestyles in life.

Many see them as a way to get laid, while others feel ashamed or embarrassed after using them. However, dating apps can make it easier for shy or anxious people to talk to someone in person.

People who use hookup apps to search for a sexual partner are usually open-minded singles, but some couples are too. Many people use these apps to find casual encounters or to meet up with someone they see online. It seems like it’s becoming more common because there are so many options out there. If you are an introvert, someone who wants to date casually, or someone who’s not looking for love, using a hookup app might be perfect for you!


Hookup apps are becoming more popular among young adults in this day and age. There are apps for every preference, but they all have the same goal: to find someone to hook up with. Some people swear by them, while others tend to disagree. The difficulty lies in the chance of actually meeting someone on these apps.

One of the most common questions hookup users have is what are the chances of meeting someone on a hookup app. While this question may not have a clear answer, a couple of factors can help determine this. First, to increase the probability of meeting someone for a hookup, you need to identify which hookup apps suit your needs and lifestyle.


With the rise of hookup apps, it has become more accessible for people to find a casual sex partner. The odds are great. If you’re looking for free ways to hook up, there are a few hookup apps and sites that you can try. For example, the DoubleList site is the best alternative to Craigslist, and it’s free to use.


There are many different hookup websites and apps that one can use to find someone interested in meeting up for casual sex. Hookup sites provide an easy way to set up a profile with pictures and descriptions of yourself, as well as what you’re looking for in your ideal partner.

People often use these sites to find people with shared interests or network with communities that share the same lifestyle. Many successful online hookup websites have been around for a while, but less successful ones come and go quickly. The best dating sites will be well-known by people looking to use them since they have been around for a while. Some of the most popular ones include Tinder, OkCupid, POF, Match.com, Grindr, and AdultFriendFinder.

To successfully get an act from these sites, you need to know your expectations. Look for sites and apps that cater to your needs and lifestyle. You can always read online reviews and feedback from the app’s members before deciding to sign up. Ensure that your online profile clearly states what you’re looking for and why you use the site so other users know what to expect from you. Profiles with pictures and descriptions often get high chances to meet someone and receive an invitation to be friends.


Sites like Craigslist Personal have been serving as a place for singles to find someone to hook up with since Craiglist was created in 1995. In the early days, it served as a place for people looking for other professionals, but now it has evolved into a site that helps people who are looking to get laid.

Here are some pros on using Craigslist Personal to find someone to hook up with:

  • It’s free to post ads on the site, is discreet, has quick response times, and that you have control over your personal information.
  • You can find someone close by, so you don’t have to go far from home. You can also search by city, meaning you will see people closer to your area.
  • It offers an anonymous and convenient way of meeting new people.

Here are the cons to finding someone to hook up with on Craigslist Personal:

  • You will never know who you are meeting.
  • If something happens, there is no way to identify your attacker.
  • There are no safeguards in place to protect your personal information.
  • You may not be aware of violent or sexual tendencies because you have not met them in person yet.

With the ease of finding someone to hook up with on Craigslist Personal comes a plethora of risks. Craigslist hookup safe, privacy, or personal questions, there are plenty of cons to consider before meeting and having a casual fling.


Craigslists hookups are a popular way to meet people for casual sex. This has been successful because it is an easy, discreet way to find someone who may be looking for the same thing as you.

But if you search for hookups on Craigslists Personal section ads, the listing is no longer there. It’s not just the hookup section that has been shut down either– all of the personal categories have been deemed off-limits. The reason for this change was seen as an effort to curb sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

However, the shutdown of Craigslist personals might be a blessing for other dating and hookup apps. More specifically, these apps may experience an uptick in usage as people turn to them to find partners for casual encounters. So hopefully you can find a good hookup site like Craigslist that will be a perfect option!


When did the Craigslist Personal section start?

Craigslist first launched its personals section in 1996, but the first actual personal listings were posted in 1979. Originally called “Personals,” it was renamed “Casual Encounters” in 2003. The name has since been changed again to “Missed Connections.”

The Craigslist personals section is a place for people to post their ads which can be sensual, romantic, or sexual. This section is popular because it provides an easy way for folks to find others in their area who are up for the same thing at the moment.

It was a place where people looking for dates and hookups post advertisements to be viewed by others. The ads can range from humorous or self-deprecating to more serious, with pictures and detailed descriptions of who the person is. Often these ads will include an email address so that other users can contact them to set up a time for a date. People can filter by gender, age, interests, and body type when viewing these posts.

Are there any free hookup sites like Craigslist Personal ads?

While many people connect through dating apps, there are also some apps solely for hookups. In addition, there are a variety of free hookup apps to choose from, which could be perfect for people who don’t want to pay for Tinder or other popular dating apps.

Sites like Doublelist.com are an innovative hookup directory and dating site for people who want to spice up their love life and explore their sexual fantasies with others in a safe and discreet environment. The site provides an excellent way for open-minded singles to chat, mingle, and indulge in casual sex that will leave them satisfied.

Another site that has similarities to Craigslist is Oodle. Oodle is a free online directory where people can post classified ads to find a partner. It could be a friendship, a business partnership, someone to go out with for a drink or to have sex for the night. These may sound like two different types of ads, but they are all part of Oodle’s larger goal: to help people connect in meaningful ways.

What is a hookup culture?

The term “hookup culture” typically refers to an atmosphere of sexual promiscuity in societies with low commitment. There are many different schools of thought about the social impact of hookup culture, with some believing it causes an increase in rates of sexually transmitted infections. In contrast, others believe it has no long-term effects but provides joy and sexual exploration.

Hookups and casual sex can be a great way to experiment with new experiences and feel desirable. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going after it, but many people do not know how to navigate the world of sexual relationships. On the other hand, some people who choose to hook up or have casual sex can be fun and exciting to experience new things without the emotional attachment of a relationship.

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