Affiliate Disclosure

Privacy Policy

We care about the privacy of our users’ private data. It is Hookupme Site’s responsibility to protect your privacy as we collect data related to your actions made on the site. Consequently, we introduce these rules to explain to you in what way we treat and collect your personal information. These rules do as follows:

  • We gather your personal data within the lawful framework and use only legal means only after your conscious agreement with our Terms of Service.
  • Prior to our gathering of your personal data, we will notify you about the means used for this process, its goals, and our further treatment of your data.
  • We will apply obtained data analysis results only to fulfill the goals explained in our Terms of Service and no other unless we notify you about it and receive your conscious agreement.
  • We guarantee that they gather only personal data relevant for certain purposes stated and no other unless we notify you about it and receive your conscious agreement. The amount of data and the extent of our analysis also rely on the stated clear purposes and are complete as such.
  • We ensure you the protection of your personal data and apply suitable security measures to prevent any technical issues, data theft, property loss, or unreasonable actions connected with your activity on our site.
  • We promise to immediately notify our users about the change to the policy practices applied or upgrade in the personal data management.
  • We will gather and save the needed data only for the process of needed analyses and meeting up our purposes.

We do everything possible to lead a clear and fair business following the above-mentioned rules to ensure user data safety and personal comfort. may introduce changes to these Privacy Policy rules at any time and notify the users about those the most serious.

We lead our business in close cooperation with advertising companies and introduce materials sponsored by our partners. As a rule, we use cookie files to analyze your user behavior and carry out the research we will later transmit to our partners. Thus, whenever you visit our platform and agree to our gathering of cookie files, the ad server detects the computer or mobile device you are using. Then, your actions and patterns are analyzed and sent to the ad partners. This way, you receive only quality ads and banners aimed at your interests. We regulate the files provided by us solely and not cookie files. Their implementation and use depend on the sponsors.

As you browse our platform, you may notice we include links leading to external services in our materials. As you tap those links and open another site, we cease to bear responsibility for what you see there and any of your actions connected to this external service. We cannot guarantee that your visiting such sites will not have consequences, and you do this at your own risk. We do not control external sites and use links to third-party sites as a part of our advertising cooperation. However, we bear no responsibility for such sites. You should stay on alert as you visit these platforms and share your personal data responsibly.

Corporate Affiliate Disclosure

We admit to using sponsored links in some of our materials. Part of them brings us dividends from your actions related to the products sponsored on external sites. However, this approach doesn’t mean we agree to advertise all products without testing them and would force you to buy them in any way. Our dating site reviews are unaffected by the fact of the sponsorship presence and stay honest.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to implement changes to our Privacy Policy. Part of these changes are seamless and do not affect your user experience and privacy in any way. Others are more significant. Consequently, we kindly ask you to stay updated and regularly check these rules so that you know what you have agreed to. As soon as you visit our platform, you state that you have read and accepted the latest version of our Privacy Policy.