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TenderMeets Detailed Review 2023: Too Good to Be True?

TenderMeets Detailed Review 2023: Too Good to Be True?
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-26
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Ideal for long-term relationships
  • It has a basic interface that is uncomplicated, even for newbies
  • It has a detailed search function that allows advanced filters
  • More or less like a regular social network site, thus attracting more members
  • Allows for five free daily messaging on the free version
  • Top website design makes browsing for profiles easy
  • Easy sign-up and registration process requiring only your email.
  • Limited access to non-premium members
  • No mobile app version
  • It doesn't include a video or call chat option making it less popular
  • The presence of fake accounts turns off members
  • Possible to miss a match due to many fake accounts.

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Everyone has a hopeless romantic buried deep within our souls. Today, this fact is clearer than ever before. People are flocking into online communities and social forums in search of love. That four-letter word that makes the world go round. One of those places people hope to find their Prince Charming and Juliet is on TenderMeets.

The TenderMeets website is developed explicitly for lonely singles who are looking for meaningful long-term relationships. That’s not to say you won’t spot individuals seeking casual relationships or a one-night stand. However, the ideal majority who flock TenderMeets hope for something more traditional. Something authentic and long-lasting. The question is, is TenderMeets the right place to find that?

This TenderMeets review discusses everything you need to know about this online dating forum as we address some of your most pressing concerns. We greatly recommend reading this comprehensive TenderMeets review before signing up. You won’t regret it.

TenderMeets: Features and Options


What is TenderMeets, and how exactly is it different from other sites?

For starters, the TenderMeets website uses only the most basic functions and features present in most online dating sites. According to the site administrators, the developers aimed to achieve a kind of familiarity that most members could relate to. In a way, this strategy has worked as the website has successfully engaged users much like Facebook and Instagram have.

The main feature to start engagements is the chat function. Most TenderMeets reviews agree that you’ll essentially experience no privileges without a paid account. For instance, you’ll need to update your TenderMeets account to chat back.

Aside from the “Messaging” function, you’ll also encounter the “Like Gallery.” The “Like” function allows you to go through different profiles as you like the ones that attract you. With a paid membership on TenderMeets, you can view all the people who liked you even though you never liked them back.

The search feature is categorical. What this means is that you can search for your desired type depending on three different search criteria;

  • First, you can conduct a preference-based search where you search for people based on your current interests.
  • Next, you can search for members who are online and initiate a conversation.
  • Finally, you might decide you are into newbies and search for new members.

Under each search function, TenderMeets takes it to the next level and allows you to add two extra preferences for more filtered results. Finally, once you find that one person who sweeps you off your feet with their looks, you can either like or start messaging them. However, fate may bite back if you are only focused on finding the “perfect” match.

Should you experience any challenge when chatting, use the three-dotted feature on the top right to effectively block them from contacting you again.

The Main Audience and Demographics on TenderMeets

TenderMeets markets itself as the one place where lonely souls can find a marriage partner. As such, it is quite unpopular with the younger generation, who don’t value commitment. That’s not to say you won’t find young hippies searching for the time of their lives.

Over 50% of users are citizens of the United States. There are also users from France, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, and Ukraine. Men have a more dominant presence in the site, making up two-thirds of the total population. When it comes to TenderMeets demographics in terms of age:

  • Between 18-24: 20%
  • Between 25-34: 30%
  • Between 35-44: 22%
  • Between 45-54: 15%
  • Above 55yrs: 13%

As you can see, the larger population (more than 50%) comprises individuals ready and willing to settle down (ages 25-44.)

Background History of TenderMeets?

Founded in 2018 by PorticatoMedia Ltd, TenderMeets online dating website sought to strike a precise balance between the growing flirting sites and the less common happily-ever-after websites. While it has succeeded in developing meaningful connections among members on several accounts, it has also had its fair share of trials and challenges. Among them is creating a rigid system that addresses fake accounts.

How Does Tendermeets Work?


First things first, you start by signing up or registering on the platform. The TenderMeets website authenticates you by asking your gender and age. Then the site will request your email and password. At this juncture, you should check your email for the verification link to let you into the site.

Once you’re registered as a member, you can complete your profile by filling in your status, sexual orientation, type of woman or physique you are looking for, and photos of yourself. It’s highly recommended to have various pictures of yourself since that’s the best way other members will recognize you.

TenderMeets dating forum uses a location-based search formula to auto search members who are closest to you. This feature may be limiting if you desire a connection from another region.

You can either make an impression on the opposite gender by liking their photos or sending them a message.

Free members only have five daily chances to send a message. However, when responding to a given text, you have to be a paid member. There are complaints from previous members that TenderMeets often hires other agencies that use women to lure men into spending more money without ever meeting up. However, these claims are yet to be proved.

That notwithstanding, you should be careful not to give out your personal information too easily or too soon to strangers.

Is Tendermeets a Global Dating Forum?


Being a multilingual dating site, Tendermeets supports languages from across the globe. As a result, the site welcomes members from all walks of life, ethnicities, race, religion, and orientation. It has “inclusivity” as one of its building pillars. As you can see, variety is the spice of TenderMeets regardless of which continent you come from.

How Easy is the Registration Process?

The TenderMeets website is keen on age restrictions, and that’s the first question you encounter. Once you note your age, the site will use your IP to determine your current location and ask you to confirm your gender, email, and password.

That’s how easy the registration process is. Once you’ve filled in all the relevant data, verify your email and start searching for members. The site will immediately prompt you to complete your profile. You may even receive messages from bots posing as women interested in you coercing you to update your profile with a snapshot or use your credit card to subscribe to more features.

As a free member, you’ll only get to see the incomplete profiles of 52 members on the home page. If you’d like access to more profiles, you may need to upgrade your account. Similarly, if you’d want to check out individual photos up close and personal, you’ll also receive the alert to insert your credit card. In other words, free membership is essentially useless in the TenderMeets dating forum. You may be forced to pay the fee to enjoy premium perks.

What Functionality is Available without Registration?

As a new member with a free account, the site only allows you to reach out to your desired partner five times a day. With five free messages, you can express your interest in the other party. However, you can’t access their replies as you’ll need a premium membership for this. It’s a classic strategy to get you paying.

You can also use the search filter and even like the profiles you see. However, you won’t get access to the complete profile details of individual members unless you pay up. That said, you cannot access any feature without registering first into the TenderMeets website.

How Can I Delete My TenderMeets Profile?

If you’d like to move on from TenderMeets to another site, or if you’ve finally found your lover and want to quit searching, you may decide to take down your account. Once you are sure you want to remove your account, select the “Settings” options from your profile avatar. The last option will prompt you to “Remove Account.” It’s advisable to, first of all, cancel all renewing subscriptions first before deleting your account.

The “Remove Account” option takes you through five steps. First, you’ll input your password to validate your identity. Next, the site will give you a number of options, such as hiding your profile or taking you off their mailing list. Choose the last option that states, “Remove my profile, contacts, and personal information completely.”

After stating your reasons for leaving, you can then affirm your confidence in leaving TenderMeets.

Design and Usability: Is Everything OK?


Flows aside, the TenderMeets website design and usability are perhaps the main reasons that make the site stand out from the fray. When you finish the registration process, the site takes you to the homepage, where you can view different profiles. It’s the typical pattern of most online dating sites.

On the top bar, you can access the search feature as well as the like gallery. The top right of the top bar hosts the icons for messages, notifications, and your profile avatar.

It’s recommended to use search filters to narrow your search. You’ll be led to a list of over 40 different chatrooms. These chatrooms attract people from specific locations or of a particular preference. You can initiate a conversation, but you’ll have to upgrade the account to keep the conversations flowing. Once you’ve had enough for the day, you can always log out and come back when you are ready for a hot TenderMeets login session.

In general, the developers have done their best to offer maximum user-friendliness that factors in both speed and quality. TenderMeets mobile website version also has a sleek appeal that categorizes the icon options into easy-to-select tabs.

User Interface

As already illustrated, the TenderMeets user interface maximizes on minimalism. Instead of incorporating every feature known in the book, the TenderMeets dating site does the opposite by only including the most basic and necessary features. At the bottom-most part of the page sits “Safe Dating” and “Safety Tips” links that lead you to blogs that explain some measures you can take to stay safe when using the dating site.

You can also use the search feature to find your desired partner. Use their name or preferences, including sexual orientation, to ease the search. All in all, TenderMeets deserve a thumbs up when it comes to its interface and website design.

Profile Quality


The secret to coming up with a profile that gets the hotties drooling is by regularly uploading photos or videos of high quality. Moreover, answer the questionnaire presented by truthfully listing relevant information about yourself. While at it, you may be asked concerning your ethnicity, physique, location, interests, hobbies, job, and a short bio.

Filling in all this data helps you present an aura of confidence mixed with authenticity to other members. It assures the other person that you are as human as human can be.

Mobile Application And Website


TenderMeets is yet to invest in a mobile application. That notwithstanding, TenderMeets login on phones is possible through the website that comes with a mobile-friendly interface. Since most people prefer visiting dating sites through their phones, TenderMeets have done their best to integrate the ultimate user experience on mobile devices.

The website version has everything present in the typical dating sites. There’s not a slight chance for you to get lost while scanning the different pages.

How About the Mobile App Version of TenderMeets?

Unfortunately, this dating site has not invested in a mobile application version. That said, the website version is fully compatible with different mobile phones’ operating systems and offers all the features found on the desktop.

How Convenient is the TenderMeets Website

The developers of this dating website have gone out of their way to make the TenderMeets website as simple and convenient as possible to the average user. Pages load fast, and most photos and videos are HD. These cool website features also apply to the TenderMeets free version.

What’s more, should you encounter any challenges when using the website, TenderMeets has made it possible for you to contact the moderators who work around the clock quickly. Could it possibly get any easier than that?

How Safe is TenderMeets for Users


Safety precautions are a significant consideration for many online dating users. You don’t want to join a community that will infringe on your privacy or misuse your data. TenderMeets understand this and have re-emphasized it on their Terms and Conditions. Take some time to go through the T&C’s of TenderMeets before updating your credit information.

A good number of reviews from TenderMeets subscribers have cried foul, claiming that the website depends on bots to keep members hopeful. For instance, immediately you sign up, you may receive as many as five likes or twenty messages even if your profile is empty. Real humans are not known to like and message blank profiles. However, this is the case with many online dating websites that still struggle with controlling trolls, bots, scammers, and fake accounts.

But you may ask, “Is TenderMeets fake?” Just because you’ll find some fake accounts don’t mean your chances of finding a mate are non-existent. We have plenty of TenderMeets reviews that acknowledge the site’s legitimacy and how they have formed meaningful, long-lasting relationships upon meeting on TenderMeets. The site’s moderators do their best to address cases of scams and reports of fake accounts. Moreover, you’ll also have a Safe Mode functionality relevant to filtering out all unverified members. Additionally, the creators have gone out of their way to offer safe dating tips as precautionary measures when on the platform.

Tendermeets Privacy Policy

TenderMeets claims to have a strict privacy policy by using end-to-end encryption to secure user data. Notwithstanding, the site cautions users in the Terms and Conditions that they may share your data to its “Partner Sites” and “Group of Companies” with the intent of improving their service delivery.

Can Tendermeets Track You Down?

Tendermeets’algorithm uses your location data to link you up with the best matches within your geographical location. Since your IP address is visible, the site can pinpoint exactly where you are when using their services.

What Does the TenderMeets Free Version has to Offer?

Since your main agenda is to find a match and effectively engage them, the TenderMeets free version has little to offer. Without an upgrade, you’ll only access other members’ partial profiles. You require an upgrade to view the entire profile. Luckily, the site allows you to use the Safe Mode function as you assess different profiles.

Free membership allows you to search for profiles by name, location, or preference. Further, you’ll also have access to the Like Gallery to express your love for what you see. Moreover, you can also upload pictures and videos to increase your visibility on the dating site.

To attract more members into paying, TenderMeets allows free users a maximum of five free chats. If you can secure yourself a date in five chats and organize a meetup, you are one hell of a pro.

How About the Paid Membership on Tendermeets?


Going premium is preferable in case you are serious about finding an online connection. The advanced perks of becoming a premium member on TenderMeets include;

  • Unlimited opportunities to send texts and read your inbox.
  • High-level search options that come with dynamic
  • These exceptional searches translate to better matches
  • Enjoy a full-sized view of photos and profiles
  • Moreover, you can also view who liked you as well as your site visitors
  • Premium members could decide to send or receive videos and photos from other premium subscribers
  • Alternatively, you may decide to hide your profile from some members.
  • If you are not satisfied with the services or have ample time to conduct multiple searches, you can use the “Promote My Account” feature. With this, you’ll appear at the top of other members’ searches, thus increasing your chances of meeting “the One.”
  • TenderMeets also promise members a full refund if they are not satisfied with the services.

Pricing of Premium Membership

Now that you understand what benefits you’ll enjoy on a premium membership, it’s time to talk about money.

  • One Month: $34.99
  • Three Months: $54.97 ($19.99/Month)
  • Six Months: $95.94 ($15.99/Month)

You can finish payments through several modes, including;

  • Diners Club International Card
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Finding Help & Support on TenderMeets


A perfect experience is not a guarantee on TenderMeets, nor can you find it on any other dating site. That said, if you experience any challenge within the site, you can either use the “Get Support” function, send them an email, or reach them on phone. Check out their contact details down below.

Real Users Experience

“I was skeptical at first, but my friend kept insisting that I make a profile on the site. So, I did and after a number of dates which I got real quick, I now have somebody I’m going steady with and who knows where this might lead. Highly recommended!”- Nelly

Alternative to TenderMeets

There are other trusted dating sites out there that could parallel TenderMeets. Before settling on one, it’s best if you first decide on your intent. Your purpose is critical in leading you to the right dating forum. Here are five alternatives to TenderMeets;

i. AdultFriendFinder – A long presence in the industry has increased AFF’s popularity and dominance, earning it the number one spot among dating forums.

ii. Live Jasmin – Perhaps the most significant complaint among online dating platforms is the overwhelming presence of fake accounts, fake girls, bots, and scams. Live Jasmin offers you the chance to meet only real humans.

iii. Passion – Looking to release the tension in your body through a passionate affair? Passion just found you.

iv. Tinder – How can we leave behind perhaps what’s become the most popular dating site in over 200 countries?

v. Match.com – The mother of most dating sites is still popular among singles and has a reasonably massive database compared to most other sites.


  • Company: Porticato Media
  • Address: Nwms Center 31 Southhampton Row, Office 3.11, 3rd Floor, London, England, United Kingdom WC1B 5HJ
  • Phone: +44 3444824945
  • Email: [email protected]


Is TenderMeets Safe for Users?

Yes. Members are advised not to share personal information such as credit card numbers and report any suspicious activity.

Is it Possible to Use TenderMeets and Stay Incognito?

Yes. TenderMeets has a back-to-back encryption software it uses to protect members from privacy intrusion.

Is TenderMeets a Real Hookup Site with Real Members?

Even though there are fake accounts dominant on the site, there are also real humans who are desperately looking for someone to match their “ideal.”

How Do I Start Using My TenderMeets Account?

Upon completing registering, press the verification link sent to you by email. Once that’s done, you can now start searching, liking, and chatting with members. You may need a premium membership to keep the conversations flowing.

Is TenderMeets Free to Use?

There is a free version of TenderMeets that allows you to check out profiles and like images. However, the use of these features is limited until you upgrade your account.

Premium members enjoy unlimited messaging services, sending and uploading photos and videos, and advanced search features. In short, going premium will increase your likelihood of finding precisely what you are looking for.

Does TenderMeets Work At All?

Is TenderMeets real or fake? There are plenty of independent TenderMeets reviews that prove the validity of this dating site. However, it’s also common to experience challenges common in other online dating websites.


Deciding to get into the online dating world is a huge leap of faith. Some may even call it a gamble, but life itself is a gamble. We don’t know about you, but TenderMeets could be a decent place to find your soul mate. Are you ready to take your chances and find the one your soul has been searching for?

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