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SPDate Review 2023 – What Do We Know About It?

SPDate Review 2023 – What Do We Know About It?
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 350 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All the communication and features are free
  • SPDate sign up is simple and fast
  • The site is easy to navigate and use
  • Has a mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • The site has plenty of ads and pop-ups
  • There are complaints of bots and fake profiles
  • Users are constantly redirected to other sites
  • Offers no search filters.

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Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find a serious relationship or a hookup. Thanks to dating platforms, you can meet more people and enjoy the diversity that comes with virtual platforms. And one of such popular platforms is SPDate. This is a dating site that promises to deliver all the glories of finding online love, but how much does it live up to its promises? Is SPDate legit and what does it have to offer? Let’s find out!

Special Features


Since SPDate is a free site, it doesn’t offer any exclusive features. Nevertheless, available features and services make it a safe, usable platform. For instance;

  • All data on the platform is safeguarded from unauthorized parties by SSL encryption.
  • Nudity and explicit content is not allowed on the site, making the SPDate dating site friendly to all users. However, this might be compromised by the presence of numerous sex ads present on all the pages.
  • The Discovery tab allows you to look through profiles and chat with those you like. On the Home tab, you’ll find users that like you and messages you’ve received.


This site is meant for those seeking a casual relationship or sex hookups with no strings attached. A significant percentage of its users, 51.76%, are from the United States. However, you can also find many people from other parts of the world. Aside from the US, the majority of users are from the UK, Canada, Australia and India.

The gender ratio here is pretty unequal, with 73% of men and 27% women. And also keep in mind that only those above the age of 18 can create an account on SPDate.

When was SPDate Founded?

The platform was established in 2007 by Digital International Inc.

How Does SPDate Work?


The operations on this platform are very similar to those on other hookup sites.

You must create an account and have a profile to access any available features. To create a profile, you will be required to provide a valid email address, a preferred username, gender, and age. Once you tap the sign-up button, a verification link is sent to your email, and you can opt to verify your account at this stage. However, the site does not restrict unverified users from accessing the site.

Unfortunately, the platform does not offer a search function, so you can only make connections from suggested matches. The site uses AI intelligence to increase site activity, so the Risk Note helps users identify the difference between AI bots and actual people. UP means Unreal Personality, ON is real personality online, and OFF is real personality offline.

The discovery page allows you to go through different profiles, but you’ll find that there are no filters to help you narrow down your search. You can initiate contact with profiles or respond to SPDate com messages if you find a real person to converse with.

Free sites like SPDate run on ad revenue, so you will have to deal with pop-ups and ads on the site. Although this might be frustrating and annoying, the ads are easy to close since all you have to do is click on the ‘x.’ However, clicking anywhere else on the ad will redirect you to a different page.

Is SPDate Available Worldwide?


Yes. The SPDate site can be accessed from anywhere in the world, regardless of your nationality or geographical location. The only requirement is a smart device with a stable internet connection. However, this does not mean that you can use the platform anywhere. If people in a certain area don’t use it, then it will make no sense to create a profile. Hookup apps are location-based services, and they recommend match suggestions based on how far away they are from your current location.

How Many Languages Does SPDate Support?

Currently, the platform can only be used in two languages, English and Russian. All users have to create a profile in English since this setting can only be accessed once you’ve created an account and can access your profile settings.

Registration – How Easy is Creating a Profile on SPDate Website?

The registration process on SPDate is very fast, and it will take less than a minute.

The sign-up page is simple and well-laid out. You only have to fill in a username, valid email address, password, gender, and age.

Once you click the signup button, you will be redirected to a page that requires you to verify your email. However, you can opt to skip this step and continue to other pages on the site.

Can I Use the Site without Signing Up?

This option is not available. If you wish to make a match on SPDate, you must create an account first.

However, most accounts only offer bare minimum information such as name, age, and gender. This is because those are the only details required to create an account.

Is there an Option to Delete Your SPDate Profile?

If you no longer wish to continue using the site for any reason, you can choose to delete your profile permanently. This action is irreversible, and you will have to create a new one if you wish to use the site again.

To delete your account, open your profile settings and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the ‘Remove Profile’ button

Please note that uninstalling the app does not remove your profile.

Design and Usability?


SPDate comes in a very user-friendly design and outlay. At signup, the site does not redirect you to different pages. Instead, all necessary boxes are on the same page and only submit once all of them are correctly filled out.

You can access the SPDate login page by tapping on the ‘Login’ button on the sign-up page.

Features are split into five tabs, and the last tab has your profile information, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and the site’s settings. This design makes it easy for anyone to navigate the site and make matches.


If you’re tired of always clicking tabs and buttons hoping to find features, then SPDate is the place for you.

The SPDate login page only requires your email and password to access your account. In case you don’t remember these credentials, use the SPDate forgot password to reset your login information. It’s that easy.

The theme colors are black and white, so it’s easy to navigate the site regardless of the lighting or where you are. The main tabs are Discover, Messages, Home, Likes, and Settings. They are placed at the top of the home page, and they split into sub-tabs once you click on them.

The app works similarly to the website, but it offers an extra feature called the Public Wall. It allows you to share content publicly without privacy restrictions.

Nevertheless, you still have to deal with SPDate pop ups since the site runs on ad revenue.

Let’s Talk about Profile Quality


Like most hookup apps, it’s not uncommon to find profiles with bare minimum information. Those serious about scoring a hookup might upload several pictures, but that is as far as it goes.

However, this hurts your efforts for finding your perfect match in several ways. For one, other users might think you are a fake profile or bot, and thus give you a pass. Also, the matching algorithm won’t be able to suggest matches based on your preferences, so you’ll have a harder time sorting through your suggestions.

To eliminate this hassle, SPDate only asks for essential bio information such as location, physical appearances, and interest. Alternatively, you can go through profiles on the discovery tab and tick on the profiles based on their characteristics. You’ll find that the match suggestions on the home tab will be more tailored to you.

Mobile Application and Website

Luckily, SPDate.com messages and other services are available through desktop versions and a mobile app. However, app services are only available on Android devices.

SPDate App

If you’re constantly on the move, a SPDate app download would help you stay connected in real-time. You don’t have to wait for hours to respond to match suggestions or messages. In any case, you’re more likely to score a hookup if you can easily access your SPDate chat feature.

However, mobile app services are only available for Android users at the moment.

SPDate Website

The website attracts more traffic since only Android users can download the app. The interface is simplistic and easy to navigate, and it lacks the clutter that comes with most hookup sites.

The website offers a Risk Note that helps users identify the difference between AI bots and actual people. UP means Unreal Personality, ON is real personality online, and OFF is real personality offline.

Safety & Security


Although SPDate is a free platform, it offers very impressive safety and security features. These protocols are strictly enforced to safeguard all users from any virtual risks that might ensue from using the platform.

Privacy on SPDate

There are numerous protocols that ensure users and their data remain safe. For starters, only users with a SPDate account can visit and view your profile. In addition, search engines cannot access your profile information. So, your profile cannot appear on internet searches.

Are SPDate Chats Encrypted?

The features on the site are secured with SSL encryption to protect it from unauthorized access by third parties.

Can SPDate Track You Down?

As a hookup site, SPDate offers its services based on location. As such, it can detect your live location or give an accurate approximation based on your activities. But if users are in any form of danger, the site can triangulate their location to a particular area.

Does SPDate Have a Free Option?

All services and features available on the site are free by default. If you sign up on a standard account, you become a SPDate guest. You are allowed access to core features such as SPDate messages.

Pricing and Benefits

According to the website, available services are offered in both free and premium packages. However, there is no page or link where users can upgrade if they wish to.

The website claims that most features on the premium plan will increase your profile’s visibility.

Premium Membership Features

Although the website might talk about premium memberships, there isn’t an upgrade page or link that allows for any transactions. In addition, users can access all features and services on the app without any form of payment, whether a subscription or add-on purchase.

According to most SPDate reviews, this platform falls under the free hookup sites category.

The website might claim added features that come with a premium membership, but you don’t need them to make matches or use contact features.

How Do I Cancel My SPDate Membership?

Since there isn’t a premium plan on SPDate.com, the site lacks a billing page. As such, there isn’t a specific procedure on how to unsubscribe from SPDate membership. Nevertheless, you can deactivate your account by deleting your profile.

Is SPDate Membership Auto-Renewed?

There are no premium plans or add-on purchases available on the SPDate app. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about payments or recurring bills.

Help & Support


SPDate has a support team on standby that’s always ready to help whenever users encounter any problems related to the site

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy on SPDate?

If you have any queries that concern your safety or privacy on the app, you can contact customer service via [email protected]. The site has no real-time customer service platform, so getting a response might take a little longer.

Real Life Review

“I like the app more than I’d want to admit. The site is really easy to get around, and the ads aren’t that big of a deal. They are easy to get rid of, and they don’t even pop up that often. Although I’ve only had one response so far, that’s because I haven’t been using the app for long.

It’s true that there are bots and fake profiles, but given that everything on board is free, I can say they are doing okay.” – Melissa

Alternative Sites Like SPDate

If you like what SPDate has to offer, there are numerous sites that have similar features and tools. Although some of them might require financial commitments, you won’t have to worry about ads or fake profiles. Some of the most popular hookup platforms include;

  • AdultFriendFinder- This is one of the largest hookup sites worldwide. It caters to all types of hookup arrangements for a very affordable price.
  • Tinder – A highly versatile site that allows you to connect with potential dates, hookups, or casual flings. It operates on a location-based algorithm to increase your chances of a meet-up.

Contact Information

If you need to contact this platform for whatever reason, you can email them at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can mail them using the address

1st-floor Hadjikyriakeion

Bld 1 121 Prodromou Avenue


Is SPDate Really Safe?

Although the SPDate website is real and free, we don’t consider it a safe platform. It is full of ads and pop-ups that constantly re-direct you to other sites. Not only is this frustrating, but it also exposes you to scammers and phishing attacks. Your devices also become prone to virus attacks.

Can You Use SPDate Anonymously?

For starters, you can’t view any profile unless you’re a member of SPDate. However, that’s as far as anonymity goes on this platform. As a free site, all users can view your profile and any uploaded pictures. There is no incognito tool on SPDate, and other users will be notified when you view profiles or like their photos.

Is SPDate a Legitimate Hookup Site?

According to our SPDate review, this platform is a legal site that offers all the standard features of a dating and hookup platform. However, as far as functionality is concerned, the SPDate website does not actually deliver. Most of the profiles on the site are fakes or bots, and the pictures used are sourced from other sites.

So although you can create an account, your chances of scoring an actual match are pretty thin.

How Do You Get Hookups on SPDate?

If you’ve used hookup sites before, then you’ll find that SPDate dating site operates similarly to them.

An individual must create an account before they can access any available features or services. One perk of this platform is that it’s free.

Can I Use SPDate Free of Charge?

Most hookup platforms offer their services on a freemium model, meaning some features are restricted to paying users, or they are add-on purchases. However, the SPDate website is completely free for all, and it doesn’t require any form of financial commitment.

However, users can opt for a premium subscription and utilize the 24-hour free trial.

Are there Paid Options?

No features or tools require premium upgrades or add-on purchases on the SPDate site. According to the website, it offers a premium subscription that increases your profile visibility and site activity.

Does SPDate Actually Work?

Ideally, this platform is supposed to help you match and hook up with other people on the site. However, this might seem almost impossible once you create an account.

Any SPDate spam is as a result of ads and clickbait, and most profiles are fakes and bots. As such, you’ll have a hard time establishing any form of match or connection here.


This SPDate review is meant to answer questions like what is SPDate and is SPDate legit. From all available features, this site is a decent platform that makes it easy for people to connect and hook up. It offers safety measures and protects the privacy of the users through data encryption and strict enforcement of security protocols. If you don’t have a problem with ads or occasional bots, then SPDate is the site for you.

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