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College Hookup Apps: Top of 2023

GOOD FOR finding fast and easy hookups
GOOD FOR for finding casual sex partners

Best College Hookup Apps sites

  1. Good for men looking for fellow men BuddyGays
  2. Good for adults looking for casual dating CasualDates
  3. Good for single people search for casual hookups OneNightFriend
  4. Good for meeting more people online for dating and friendship SPDate
  5. Good for older men and women looking for relationships FlirtyMature
  6. Good for meeting Big Beautiful Women FatFlirt
  7. Good for lonely singles who are looking relationships of different kinds TenderMeets
  8. Good for for finding casual sex partners Together2Night
  9. Good for finding fast and easy hookups InstantHookups

College is a time for exploration, and most people get to experience freedom with little to no supervision. It’s also at this time that most people are sexually active, and others want to find partners and casual flings.

But also, college is a steady transition to full-fledged adulthood, meaning the workload and commitments make it almost impossible to have a social life. So are there any college hookup apps that make it easy to form relationships and friendships through these tough years?

Here’s a list of the most friendly college hookup apps that’ll give your social life the boost it needs.

1. Tinder


Best for Finding: Hookups and Serious Partners


  • Has one of the largest and most active user-base in online dating platforms
  • The mobile app is free to download
  • Matching algorithms are location-based
  • The site is very welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Offers plenty of contact features.


  • Profiles offer bare-minimum information
  • Lacks a manual search function
  • You can only delete a conversation thread, not a single text
  • Only matched profiles can send and receive messages.


  • Tinder is amongst the best hookup apps for college students because it’s free and has plenty of features.
  • The Tinder U feature allows you to show your school colors and highlights university profiles around you. This makes it easy to connect with users within your campus and other schools.
  • Photo verification protects you from catfishes by authenticating photo uploads on a Tinder profile. A blue checkmark is an indicator of a verified profile.
  • Noonlight for Tinder is a third-part safety feature that allows users to send a discreet distress call should their date go bad.
  • Rewind allows you to go back on a left swipe.


Since messaging is a free feature, most college students don’t see the need to upgrade their membership. Nevertheless, Tinder offers three premium packages; Gold, Platinum, and Plus. A significant perk is the removal of ads and unlimited likes.

Package Duration Total


  • 1 month $14.99
  • 6 months $52.99
  • 12 months $82.99


  • 1 month $9.99
  • 6 months $34.99
  • 12 months $54.99


  • 1 month $14.32
  • 6 months $50.10
  • 12 months $71.64

Please note that charges differ for individuals over 28 years.

2. Friendsy


Best for Finding: Friendships and relationships


  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Pictures are displayed in high resolutions
  • Users can select the people they want to interact with
  • Offers a flexible interaction platform.


  • You must have a .edu email to sign up
  • The compliment feature might promote false information
  • Has a small user-base.


  • Though this site borrows the swipe to match feature, it allows you to select the type of relationship you want to initiate.
  • Unlike other hookup apps for college students, Friendsy is exclusive to campus students only.
  • Search filters allow you to browse profiles according to gender, school year, school, or major. Such filters allow you to search for particular individuals.
  • The app allows you to control your profile visibility, so it’s only visible within your campus or on other schools too.
  • The hint feature helps you get your message across, and they can be as vague or as detailed as you want them.


Friendsy Pro is the premium feature that activates anonymous browsing, refine your search filters, and send direct messages, read receipts, rewind swipes, and more. A monthly subscription is $6.99.

3. Hinge


Best for Finding: Love and Relationships


  • Active members can earn a monthly premium upgrade
  • Most profiles are properly detailed
  • Registration requires users to verify their mobile numbers
  • Offers a roulette-matching feature.


  • Lacks a desktop version
  • Lacks photo authentication system
  • Customer service is unresponsive to complaints
  • The site lacks enough active members.


  • Some people intend to find solid partners during their campus years, so it’s important to find good college hookup apps that are safe and intentional.
  • Users can like parts of another users’ profile, with the option of adding a comment. This doubles up as a conversation starter.
  • Match suggestions are presented in a roulette form, and you get to like or pass on recommended profiles.
  • Messages can be sent for free, but it has to be between mutual matches.
  • You can view hidden picture captions by tapping a button.


Hinge is classified amongst free college hookup apps because contact features are free. However, the site has a premium package that offers extra features such as setting advanced preferences.

Premium plans are divided into three packages

Duration Cost

  • 1 month $9.99
  • 3 months $20.97
  • 6 months $29.94

4. Happn


Best for Finding: Hookups and Life Partners


  • Links people within the same geographical areas
  • The app download is free
  • Has an invisibility mode feature
  • Has a large user-base, making it one of the best college hookup apps
  • Offers a Facebook signup option
  • Has plenty of contact features.


  • You’ll need a premium upgrade to enjoy most of the features
  • Lacks a desktop version
  • Lacks a verification system
  • The search tool is a premium tool.


  • Though you can send likes to any user, you can’t message them unless they like you back. However, you can make it easier by viewing profiles that like you already.
  • The Hello feature allows you to start conversations without necessarily matching with anyone.
  • The video call feature is free for the first five minutes of every call. Also, you can send voice notes.
  • Those worried about safety and privacy can opt to hide information such as distance, age, or last seen.
  • The Flashnote is a contact feature that allows you to personalize your conversations.
  • ‘I’m up for’ is a feature that shows other members what you’re willing to engage in for the next six hours.


Happn is a free app, but there are premium features you can opt to indulge. In addition, the site also offers add-on purchases to help you boost your interactions. These credits are free for premium users, but they expire within 12 hours.

Premium packages are available in monthly, semi-annual, and annual plans, and they cost $24.99, $89.99, and $119.99, respectively.

5. JSwipe


Best for Finding: Serious commitments


  • Allows users to adjust their distance settings
  • Most tools and features are free
  • It’s an exclusive dating app for Jewish people
  • Sending messages to matches is free.


  • The app isn’t LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Sign up is only via facebook
  • Users can only upload 4 pictures
  • The site lacks a verification system
  • Most people don’t fill out their profiles.


  • SuperNote allows users to message profiles they haven’t matched yet.
  • Passport is a premium feature that changes your location and suggests matches from across the world.
  • Optimize photo is a paid feature that helps you select the best photo to help you get more attention


To make the list of top college hookup apps, a platform has to be free or at least very affordable. JSwipe offers most of its core features without payments, making it a favorite.

JSwipe has a premium version that offers exclusive features like read receipts and passport swipe. There are three different subscription packages.

Plan Total

  • 1 month $24.99
  • 3 months $44.99
  • 6 months $59.99

The site offers a free trial period for new accounts.

6. Minder


Best for Finding: Love and Life Partners


  • Offers location-based services for easier hookups
  • The site is strict about the security of its users
  • Site users photo authentication to verify profiles
  • Messaging is a free feature.


  • Complaints about a glitchy app
  • Standard users have limited features
  • Not LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Un-matching a profile is a permanent action.


  • Telegram is a limited-contact feature that allows you to leave messages for people you haven’t matched with yet.
  • The Explore tab allows you to view the people you like and those you passed. Only premium members can see who likes them.
  • All profiles must be reviewed and approved before you can interact with other members. There are two methods of account verification on Minder. Selfie verification requires you to take and upload a selfie at signup, or you can use your mobile phone number to verify your account.
  • Users are allowed to use the app anonymously, and you can activate this feature by turning on the ‘Undiscoverable’ mode. This takes your profile off match suggestions.
  • The platform lacks a search function, so it’s nearly impossible to find someone you know from the app.


Although most contact features are accessible for free, there are several perks that come with a premium membership. They include ad-free browsing, anonymous status, and ID verification.

Minder only offers a monthly subscription at $9.99. However, the Telegram feature is an add-on purchase, and it can be bought by both standard and premium users.

Can’t Get a Hookup in College? Online Apps Can Help You

College is a hectic and overwhelming period for most people. Maintaining a social life in this chaotic scene might seem impossible. You lack the time, energy, or courage to approach people, so you’re better off alone in your dorm room.

Thanks to dedicated hookup apps for college campuses, it doesn’t have to play out like this anymore. They are suited for the student with too much work and little wit. They help you form different relationships throughout your campus days.

These apps allow you to link with like-minded students who share your interests and views. You can use the available search filters to diversify your pool. Technically, the internet and hookup apps college helps you create and maintain a social life.

How Many College Students Use Hookup Apps?

Social media platforms might be how most people interact nowadays. Still, not most people get to physically meet with their followers or online friends. On the other hand, hookup apps allow people to create online and physical connections by encouraging meetups.

According to a recent online survey, 53% of campus students use dating apps to find friends and partners.

Given the busy schedules and vast campus grounds, it can be frustrating trying to meet someone the old-fashioned way. Thanks to the internet, you can meet people from campus and beyond with only a fraction of the time and effort.

Is Hookup in College a Good Idea?

Nowadays, sex and sexuality topics are no longer conversed in hush tones. This openness makes it easier for the younger generation to learn more about their bodies, safe sex practices, and other healthy living choices without stigmatization or judgment.

Hookups in college are a good way of preparing for the real world, and it helps young people make better and informed decisions. While some people might be against the idea, there are people who found true love in their campus years.

Is it easier to find Hookup in College?

The internet might have made it easier to interact with people, but that doesn’t mean automatic connections. The ease or difficulty of finding a hookup mostly depends on your efforts and personality online.

Suppose you barely make matches, initiate or respond to contact, or interact with users. In that case, you are not likely to make a match. However, being active on a hookup app increases your profile visibility, and more people will want to interact with you.

How to Meet Other College Students?

With everything going digital, you can’t expect to meet tons of people at libraries or student cafes. Everyone is getting things done via the internet, and so should you.

If you wish to meet other students, you can use search filters on hookup or social media apps to adjust your preferences. Adding your college to your profile also helps the matching algorithm suggest similar users, within or outside your school.

What are the Differences in Communication between College Hookup Apps and Adult Apps?

Most college students are still unsure about what they want, sexually or relationship-wise, and this uncertainty is reflected in their conversations. In addition, most students tend to be reserved or shy. On the other hand, adults tend to be more open-minded and intentional online, mostly because they know what they are looking for. Their conversations may be blunt and racier compared to their younger counterparts.

How to Start Communication on Hookup Apps

Even for serial daters and smooth talkers, initiating a conversation might be a daunting task. However, most developers are aware of this challenge, so they put in a few tools and features to help you through.

Icebreakers come in different forms, depending on the app. you can send likes, flirts, or winks to people you like. Others allow you to comment on profiles or pictures, thus initiating a conversation. In some cases, apps offer automated questions you can send to potential matches to spark a conversation or keep one going.

If you choose to initiate a conversation, there are certain guidelines you should stick by;

Don’t be gross. As tempting as it might be, restrain from using sexual innuendos as your opening statement. Some people might make it work, but if you’re unsure about it, then you’re better off without it.

  • If you’re texting an attractive woman, chances are she’s heard all the compliments before. If you’re texting a handsome guy, going overdrive with your flirtations won’t help either. So, read through their profiles and pick one thing to show interest in. once you get the conversation started, you can maneuver it wherever you want.
  • Reading a profile before sending the first text might save you from embarrassing or awkward situations. You don’t want to ask obvious questions or something you would have found out from reading a profile.
  • Also, it’s weird to ask for pictures within the first few minutes. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their pictures anyhow, and you might scare them off.
  • If none of this works for you, feel free to share a random, interesting fact with your match. Not only will it get their attention, but it will also make you stand out from all the hi’s and hellos in their inboxes.

How to Describe Yourself

Your profile description is supposed to attract people, not bore them with poems and soliloquies. You don’t want to come across as a self-absorbed narcissist.

As such, make your bio short and catchy. This ensures they read everything and remain interested at the end. Fill out your interest and hobbies, as this makes for great conversation starters. If you have the gift, use humor and witty phrases, but be sure not to overdo it.

Lastly, make your words easy to understand. Fluency is key because you want to come across as someone easy to talk to.


Most people in college are used to living their lives online, and the dating life is no exception. They consider it a faster and less tasking way of meeting people. When it comes to the judging criteria for the best hookup apps for college students Reddit users get the say.

However, online dating is also a popular go-to option for students who struggle with social anxiety. Dating apps might take the pressure off, but there’s also a fair chance of them backfiring, leading to isolation and increased feelings of isolation.

A significant population of students spends hours scrolling through these hookup apps. They provide a safer platform where people are in full control of whom they interact with, and they have the option to abolish contact if it gets uncomfortable.

Are there Hookup Apps where Girls Make the First Move?

Most girls might feel intimidated by creepy me online who are blunt and send unsolicited texts and images, which might ruin online dating. However, apps such as Bumble create a safer place for women, and they are in charge of who they have conversations with. Yes, at Bumble, women are the ones who initiate contact.

Putting women in control reduces instances of harassment by creepy men.

Are there College Hookup Apps that are Completely Free?

Given the struggling nature of a student’s finances, it’s only fair they seek the cheapest, if not a free hookup site with the best reviews. Lucky for them, there are several platforms that offer most of their features for free. These hookup-ups, college-friendly, offer free contact features, meaning students can match and interact without upgrading their memberships.

What Percentage of College Students Use Hookup Apps in 2023?

According to a study by ABODO, over 91% of campus students use hookup apps. However, a significant number admitted they don’t use these platforms for hookups or dates. Instead, they are a source of entertainment, ego boost, and casual relationships.

Female students who use dating apps do so to garner a sense of control and security over the process.

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