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Hookup Apps: Married Women Choice 2023

GOOD FOR older men and women looking for relationships
GOOD FOR finding fast and easy hookups

Best Married Hookup Apps sites

  1. Good for finding fast and easy hookups InstantHookups
  2. Good for meeting Big Beautiful Women FatFlirt
  3. Good for meeting more people online for dating and friendship SPDate
  4. Good for older men and women looking for relationships FlirtyMature
  5. Good for men looking for fellow men BuddyGays
  6. Good for adults looking for casual dating CasualDates
  7. Good for single people search for casual hookups OneNightFriend
  8. Good for lonely singles who are looking relationships of different kinds TenderMeets
  9. Good for for finding casual sex partners Together2Night

For the longest time, monogamy has been the standard for dating. The era of monogamous dating has diminished for most couples nowadays. Most couples are looking for ways to spice up their marriage. The introduction of a third party in their relationship is one of the ways that can spice up marriages. Introducing another guest in marriages is a win-win situation for most couples; no one cheats, everyone goes home satisfied.

Dating sites are the easiest ways to meet new people interested in some of the things you are looking forward to achieving in your marriage. There are various hookup apps for married women that give married women a chance to meet people with new interests. Spicy relationships are the best. After all, no one wants to be in a boring relationship. In this article, we will discuss married women’s hookup apps that are worth your time.

1. Gleeden


Gleeden is the one of the first and best hookup apps for married people made by women. It is a genuinely free married hookup app that guarantees married women’s safety. The app is monitored on a 24/7 basis. French women created Gleeden as a place where women could meet married women for free to satisfy their sexual desires. The majority of members in this app are from Europe. The app’s messaging system works like the Ashley Madison app. In this app, men have to pay if they want to contact other users; however, for women, it’s free. Men can send hearts and flirt signals for free.

The app has an advanced feature where one can create a public and private album. The public album allows one to upload pictures which is visible to all subscribers. The private album will enable one to upload more sensitive content and will allow one to choose the people who can access that information. The private album allows one to have fun and at the same time prevent misuse of the sensitive content.


  • Gleeden app and website is free for women
  • Has an option of adding private photos
  • It has the availability of an app version
  • The moderators are the ones responsible for checking profiles and photos
  • The app has strict privacy policies.


  • The guidelines of the profile photos can be very strict
  • Gleeden has few US users.


The app allows you to upload both private and public content.


Gleeden app is free for all female users. However, male users are required to purchase credit packages based on what they can afford.

2. Signal


The signal app is meant to be used by the people who already have a special someone willing to have an affair outside marriage. It doesn’t help anyone to find someone to chat with. It allows one to hide their details from their significant others. The signal app is the number one privacy app among all the married hookup apps. It protects one’s messages at all costs. Every text message sent through this app is fully encrypted, meaning nobody can see your messages, not even the company itself. The signal app offers an easy way to cheat without getting caught. It’s the best free hookup app for married people who are willing to cheat. If you use this app, you’re not supposed to worry about the depletion of your text messages; the app uses phone data.


  • It is free for everyone
  • It has no ads
  • It has no trackers
  • One can speak freely
  • You can share anything without the insecurity of being caught by your partner.


  • It’s not widely used or known
  • The app requires your phone number for contact discovery
  • Anyone who tracks your internet use can see you’re using Signal; however, they cannot read your messages.


  • The app has a screen security
  • Incognito keyboard which does not allow your keyboard to save the thing you type
  • It has a screen lock option.


The app is free of charge. You can download it anytime you want.

3. Adult Friend Finder


Adult Friend Finder is a free hookup app for married women. The app caters to the best friendship and one to off encounters for married women. If you’re looking for long-lasting relationships, this is not the best app for you. Adult Friend Finder is all about having fun with no strings attached. Adult Friend Finder has a website and mobile app as well. The app has open-minded users. It is the best place to meet married women looking for illicit encounters and friendship purposes.

Members of Adult Friend Finder are open to other affairs; they are not glued to one person. If you are new to online dating, this app is the place to be. Adult Friend Finder app allows you to meet open-minded people who won’t judge you if it is your first affair. The people in this app will also accept you the way you are. Adult Friend Finder is suitable for married women looking for dating simple ideas or experiences involving multiple partners. The hookup site has a total of over 80 million uses worldwide.


  • It has a mobile dating app
  • The community has experts. It includes writers, roleplayers.
  • The members of Ault Friend Finder are open to so many affairs
  • Has so many ways of interaction
  • The chemistry questionnaires are very decent
  • It’s all about sex

It’s an excellent app for finding sexting partners.


  • Some people use fake profiles to catfish
  • Some users are not satisfied with how the matching system works
  • The best-advanced features are pricy
  • The desktop and app versions are outdated.


  • One creates a profile before using the app
  • The homepage features new content virtually every minute from worldwide members.


Joining Adult Friend Finder is free of charge. You just need to sign up using your email address and user name. However, the app has a paid premium membership which costs;

  • $40 per month
  • 3 months subscription costs $27 per month
  • 12 months subscription costs $20 per month.

4. FriendFinder-X


FriendFinder-X is a dating app where women can find partners for threesomes, orgies, affairs, and anything you can think about. The best way to meet married women is through this app. FriendFinder-x calls itself the ‘world’s largest casual personal site”. You do not have to use your real name or upload a photo to join this app. After signing up, you’ll get to enjoy some of the biggest perks, such as having private photos and two-way webcam.


  • The registration process takes a maximum of two minutes
  • It has search filters where you can sort choices of the people to pick
  • It has a wide variety of features such as messaging, video talk, and commenting option
  • The profile descriptions are top-notch
  • The app has recently introduced a life-like video digital sex feature.


  • Limitation of communication to the paid members
  • It is only accessible by Android users
  • The membership fees are pricy
  • The app does not provide automatic matching. Users have to search for their matches manually.
  • Features such as Adult Videos and Chats attract extra expenses.


  • The app has Live-Action where one can see live videos of expert models
  • One can join blogs, chatrooms, and groups
  • The app has a blocking feature
  • You can send photos and videos.


Friend Finder-X has both the free version and paid membership version. The paid membership version has the following rates;

  • 1 month for $40
  • 3 months for $81
  • 12 months for $240.

5. Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison is the best hookup app married women can join. It’s a leading dating site for married women. The dating site has over 30 million subscribers. Ashley Madison has a large user base making it possible for married women to meet new people to spice up their marriage. Ashley Madison is the best hookup app for married women who have permission to join a hookup site.

Ashley Madison promises its users a good experience; it also has advanced features that keep dating affairs private, unlike other hookup sites. The site has editing features that enable one to mask their identity and only reveal it to people that they trust. If you’re in a sticky situation, you should not be worried; the app has a panic button to help you out. The slogan of this dating app is “life is too short.”


  • It has a large membership base. Over 30 million users have subscribed
  • One can hide their photos and reveal them to trusted personals
  • One can search for people beyond their hookup areas ad end up finding travel partners
  • Has a mobile dating app.


  • Some people use fake profiles
  • The site is too popular.


  • The app has a profile description
  • The app has a panic button where you can click in case you are in a sticky situation.
  • The app has some advanced features
  • The app has a quick reply tool.


The app gives anyone a free trial membership of 30 days. For premium membership, the app has three options: elite, classic, and essential;

  • Elite subscription charges are 1000 credits at 29 cents per credit.
  • Classic charges are 500 credits at 34 cents per credit.
  • Basic charges are 100 credits at 59 cents per credit.

6. Tinder


Tinder is the best place to meet married women who are looking for a friends with benefits thing. Tinder has a swiping app that helps women find their date within an hour. Tinder is an accurate free to use hookup app for married persons. It’s a well-known hookup site worldwide. You can link your Facebook account with the tinder app.


  • People specify what they are looking for in their bios
  • The app has a massive user base even in small towns
  • The app is easy to use
  • One can get instant matches
  • The upgraded version of Tinder offers unswipping options and location changes.


  • You might pay more money if you’re the age of 30 and above
  • Has no filters option
  • Some people in this app have lousy pick-up lines
  • The premium pricing is hard to pin down.


  • Tinder has a swipe option that allows users to swipe right to like potential matches and swipe left to continue scrolling.
  • Has a messaging option
  • The app has an Instagram integration which allows users to view other users’ Instagram profiles.
  • It has a panic button which was introduced in 2020.


Tinder app has a free version and a paid premium. The paid premium charges prices basing its factors on age groups. Persons under the age of 28 spend a premium amount of $10 per month. Persons above 28 years pay $20 per month.

7. FindNewPassion


FindNewPassion is the best married hookup app that has social media and security tools that prevents sexual harassment. The app is free to use. After registering, you can upload a photo, browse to search for local and international matches, including your profile descriptions and also get a chance to flirt with other members. FindNewPassion guarantees 100% realness of its users. You don’t need to worry about scammers and fake profiles in this app.


  • The app has an option of reporting spam profiles
  • The profiles used in this app are private
  • It has a live chat option
  • The site is well established.


  • It has no anonymous payment methods
  • There is no proof of identity verification.


  • One can search and meet local married women.
  • Find New Passion offers a paid Priority Listing in the search results. The feature enables one profile to be seen by many people.


The app does not have free trial plans. The paid version of Find New Passion is;

  • $20 for 30 days
  • $50 for 90 days
  • $75 for 180 days
  • $100 for a 360 days subscription.

All these plans are paid via PayPal.

What is a Good Hookup App for Married?

A good hookup app for married people should have the following features;

  • A variety of members. A hookup app with many members is likely to be more effective when you are looking for a new affair partner.
  • The usability and design of the hookup app should be friendly and straightforward to use. The availability of a modern version of the apps.
  • Mobile communication is more important nowadays. People spend hours on their smartphones. The mobile version makes experiences smooth and easy.
  • Safety is an essential feature to look at when joining any hookup site. The app you choose to join should have the best safety policies and an effective way to remove scammers. Getting your information and pictures stolen is one of the worst experiences that can ever happen to any woman using a hookup app.
  • The best site to meet married women should have a customer support system.

How to Define Appropriate Apps for Married?

Appropriate apps for married women depend on the purpose. Every individual has their preferences, and all hookup apps describe how to meet married women online. Each hookup app is designed in its design and has a target audience. Therefore, one needs to know their needs and preferences before joining any hookup app. Join a few apps that seem to cater to your needs. Most women hook up apps offers free trials. The free trial can help you gauge whether the hookup app is worth investing in or not.

Are there Options for both Married Women and Men?

Yes. Both married women and men have options. There is a variety of hookup apps that married men and women can join. Some men look for apps where to meet married women for casual dates.

How to Find Casual Affairs being Married?

One can still find casual affairs while being married. It takes courage for one to do this. Your tastes and preferences are the main things that guide you to finding the right casual partner. Most of the best married hookup apps have a design to meet your needs. You just have to find the proper hookup app for you. One is advised to join as many hookup apps as possible because their reviews show that they can meet your need. You can then settle on the best app and find your casual partner.

Sharing Experience about Married Woman Affairs

Some people engage in casual affairs just to have backup plans in case their partners decide to leave. Others have motives for the affairs they involve themselves in. Some also join hookup apps intending to get revenge; let’s say maybe their partner cheated on them so they are here to meet married women free and ready to mingle.

Is it Possible to Stay Safe Using Hookup Apps for the Married?

If you decide to have an affair outside your marriage, it means you are willing to take risks. Some of the dangers married women are prone to are privacy risks, personal safety risks, and the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. (STDs). The privacy risks determine whether or not you will get caught. Personal safety risks such as meetings stranger for the first time is also a risk factor. So it’s up to you to decide and keep safe anytime you intend to have an affair.

Also, when you are ready to meet the person you have met online, you can follow a few steps for the sake of your safety. The few steps are;

  • Check if the app has verified the person you intend to meet
  • Meet at open places
  • Always keep your phone on
  • Tell a friend where you are going and also the person you are meeting. Pin location if possible.
  • Do not go to a stranger’s house.

What to Say on a Hookup App Profile?

Remember, it is human beings’ nature to judge you using your pictures. Most people build ideas about the person you are using your images. Therefore, it is advisable for anyone willing to join any hookup apps to use a good picture and provide a good description of what they are looking for on that site. All this information will make them chat with you instead of making assumptions of who you are using your pictures which least tell about who you are.

Who Uses Hookup Apps being Married?

The people who use hookup sites while still married are men and women looking forward to fulfilling their sexual desires.


Are there Any Completely Free Hookup Apps?

There are true free to use hookup apps for married. However, for most of them, this is just for the basic features. Most apps don’t allow one to enjoy advanced features, forcing one to subscribe to the paid premium membership. So, simple answer – yes there truly free married hookup apps.

Are Hookup Apps for Married Legit?

Hookup apps for married people are legit. Each app has its target people and provides different services from the rest.

Hookup apps are so popular among married people because everyone is looking forward to fulfilling their sexual desires. It would be so unfair if your partner did not meet your sexual needs. Most married hookup apps provide a platform to meet married women and men looking for casual relationships. A couple can get a third party in most hookup apps if they agree to include a third party in their connection. Also, hookup apps for married people provide a platform to cheat without getting caught by their partners. Through hookup apps, married people seeking sexual world desires can also get threesomes, flings, and casual sex. Hookup apps are so popular among married people because they spice up relationships if need be.

Which are the Best Affairs Sites for Married Women?

Each married hookup app for women has its pros and cons and the target audience. For you to find the perfect hookup app, you need to analyze your needs and preferences first. Analyzing helps you to choose the best married women hookup app for you.

How Can I Make Sure the App is Functional?

The best free married hookup apps always post the user’s feedback on their websites. The information gives you confidence that the app works.

Is My Information Safe when I Use Married Hookup Apps?

All the married women hookup sites discussed in this article are safe to use. However, you will need to check the security policies of other apps and websites to get the best hookup apps married people go for, and hope for the best.

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