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InstantHookups Review – Is It a Good Choice?

InstantHookups Review – Is It a Good Choice?
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-38
Profiles 1 152 500
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free access to almost all features including meeting members.
  • Additional links to free porn sites, including celebrity porn and free adult entertainment films.
  • Resources for adult games, sex stories, interesting sex quizzes, advice from the community, live webcams with horny girls, and the nearest location for sex toys.
  • An easy sign-up process that takes only a few minutes.
  • Fair pricing model.
  • A 45% reply rate from selected matches.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
  • The InstantHookups website has an appealing and easy-to-use interface.
  • A higher ratio of women to men.
  • Can be aggressive at times with payments or include hidden costs.
  • The algorithm does not use data-driven matching criteria.
  • Actual dates are limited to residents in Canada, UK, and the US.
  • Relatively high number of fake accounts.
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app.
  • Some full features are only accessible after premium membership.

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InstantHookups is a legit online dating site that offers plenty of free features to members. Are you located in the USA, Canada, or the UK and wondering where to find an instant match? Have you been desperately looking for a site that offers all kinds of connections without first demanding a buck? This InstantHookups review will help answer some of your most pressing relationship questions and provide a “handsy” solution.

But before you decide to sign up for the InstantHookups app, why don’t you go through this detailed review of the website to find out whether it’s the right one for you. Unlike most reviews, we’ve compiled our thoughts from our experience and hundreds of other users. Therefore, we’ll do our best not to be biased as we offer the good, bad, and ugly of the InstantHookups dating website.


Unlike most dating sites, InstantHookups reviews tell a different story. The website is multifaceted and goes beyond just hooking up thirsty souls. It offers additional features, including sexting with your desired match, a live webcam with horny, dripping girls, including the BDSM community.

Apart from the wide variety of videos on the InstantHookups website, you can also access a rich pool of celebrity porn videos from other sites. And that’s not all. There is a story section that you can access once you become a member. The sex stories are categorized into different niches depending on your taste and preferences. Way to go if you prefer an erotic story to turn you on.

The InstantHookups site also intrigues members with several top-rated sex games from different providers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a gamer looking for general sex games or a particular niche – InstantHookups has got your back. Take some time with your partner to enjoy either free or premium sex games.

Aside from these features, members also get to meet up in a forum of their liking. What’s more, they even participate in unique sex quizzes. In the communities, members can both offer and receive free advice concerning sex, relationships, or any related subject matter. And if you’re looking for more play in your sex, there is a “Toys” feature that links you to the best sex toys shop near you.

What more could you possibly ask for in an online dating site?

What is the Main Audience In InstantHookups

InstantHookups serves all manner of people from all walks of life. Whether you’re white, black, grey, green, straight, or not. Most members on the site aren’t looking for something long-lasting. As such, the majority of folks comprise an age demographic of 18-45 years. Therefore, if you’re looking for a no-strings-attached type of union, this might probably be among the top go-to dating sites.

Creators of the site warn against having incomplete profiles or numbers as the profile name. Most of these accounts are fake.

When Did InstantHookups Start?

The company began operations in 2016. As you can see, the InstantHookups website has been around for a pretty long time. In so doing, it has garnered a vast pool of members from all walks of life. If you stick long enough, perhaps you will soon land yourself a local match.

How Does InstantHookups Dating Site Work?


As already said, the InstantHookups app takes you through a simple process that begins with signing up. Before you become a member, you get free access to some features and backlinks to more erotic sites.

The registration process begins by taking through a round of 6 questions. The intent is to know your taste and exactly what you are looking for on the site. That includes;

  • Your gender
  • Dating preference and sexual orientation
  • Preferred body type and physique
  • Dating interest (long term or no strings, one night stands or casual)
  • Your current location
  • You’ll then need to hand over your email and preferably a nickname that will display as your profile name.

Once you finish creating your profile, the site may lead you to the membership page, hoping that you’ll join premium membership. However, you can skip this step and head directly to the members’ page. Here, the site details all the selections that match your criteria. You’ll manage to access some features, but most will be made accessible once you become a paid member.

Once you’re done, you are now ready to start texting or sexting your mate and organize a meetup if they are also into you. All the best.

Is InstantHookups an International Dating Website?


You can access the features of InstantHookups from any part of the globe. However, if you are hoping for a hookup tonight with your date, you can only enjoy that if you are based in the USA, UK, or Canada.

How Many Languages Does InstantHookups Dating Site Support?

Since the locality of most members is in English-speaking nations, the site only supports English as the primary and only language.

How Easy is it to Register on InstantHookups?

The registration process is perhaps the easiest of them all. You’ll join by first answering a couple of questions as illustrated above. This will take two minutes at most. Be sure to indicate your current location so that you may find flirts in your locale. Men have an advantage here as this site is among the few ones with a larger proportion of women to men. Finish the registration process by clicking on the link sent to your email.

Once you finish registering, it is always advisable to complete your profile. Incomplete profiles smell trouble, and most people will pass through an incomplete profile on InstantHookups. In fact, a fair share of scammers don’t take the time to complete their profiles.

Give a brief description of yourself, including your avatar, so that people can recognize you are an actual human with likes and dislikes. Your date will want to see the virtual version of you before they decide to meet you up. Make it easy for them.

Can I Use the Full Functionality of InstantHookups without Registration?

The short answer is no.

Can I Delete My InstantHookups Profile Fully?

There may come a time when you are satisfied and have gotten what you were looking for in InstantHookups. Alternatively, it could be that the site also hasn’t lived up to your expectations, and you decide to move on to something else. Whatever your reasons are, it would be best to completely delete your InstantHookups profile to leave behind as minimal a digital footprint as possible. Before deleting, ensure you have canceled your premium membership by revoking your card’s subscription. That’s easy since the site’s administration helps you through that process. Leave a request for removal or reach out to the site administration. It may take a while for InstantHookups to review your request, but once processed, your account will be taken down.

Design and Usability of the InstantHookups Kinky Dating Site


Each page has a top toolbar that takes you to the desired feature. You can either choose Login/Forum/Videos/Cams/Celebrity Porn/Date/Stories/Games/Toys/Advice Communities/Sites or Quizzes. These options have a drop-down menu that leads you to your desired community preference. The categories include;

  • General – Leads you to heterosexual porn or dating sites
  • Fetish
  • LGBT
  • BDSM
  • Niche – Contains links of sites with particular specifications. Perhaps hairy girls are a turn-on for you. Then you can choose that niche.

When the registration process is complete, InstantHookups will take you to your instant hookup and allow you to choose from local matches to new members and the hottest members.

The website design is relevant and takes minimal time to load, thus increasing usability and friendliness.

User Interface

The user interface is undoubtedly convenient, although not the best we have seen in the market. However, it’s straightforward and works conveniently on computers. Most dating sites fill up individual pages giving your eyes no room to rest. However, InstantHookups leaves behind white space, making it easy to scan individual profiles, videos, and photos. The site makes it easier to know which page you are on by listing the directory path on the top toolbar eliminating any confusion.

Easy navigation aside, the website pages also load pretty quickly. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with numerous popups typical in most other online dating sites. If this is your first time on an online dating website, InstantHookups may offer the easiest to use platform.

The Quality of Profiles on InstantHookups


A site may optimize its website design and interface to improve usability. However, there’s nothing more damning to an adult site than scammers and poor quality of content. However, InstantHookups get a raincheck on the quality of their material. All the photos uploaded are HD, and members are also encouraged to follow similar protocols. If possible, fill 100% of your profile to increase your chances of hooking up. The site usually flags profiles that are 50% incomplete.

What is the Difference between InstantHookups Apps and Website?

InstantHookups offer an impressive website design that encourages usability and freedom. Most members who access the site do so through their mobile devices. The mobile website version is convenient since all features are synced into the site and allow for quick loading speeds.

However, the site is yet to come up with its mobile application. The InstantHookups mobile website version makes it ideal to frequently check up on notifications, including what’s new and who’s hot.

InstantHookups App

Hopefully, the InstatHookups management will soon release a mobile application version that integrates all the features. We’ll be sure to inform you once that’s done.

InstantHookups Website

The InstantHookups forum can only be accessed through their website. As such, the team has worked to frequently update the website and increase performance to allow for maximum customer retention. Most users enjoy how convenient the items and features are spaced and not as squeezed as other adult online forums.

Is InstantHookups Safe?


InstantHookups has gone to great lengths to collaborate with leaders in cyberspace to ensure their site offers the safest experience for users. InstantHookups has a 5-star B.B.B.O rating and comes with a “trusted security” seal of approval.

Furthermore, the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption technology guarantees top-notch protection to user data, such as members’ financial records. You do not have to worry once you decide to send your photos or other sensitive data, as you are well-protected by the highest standards of software in the market.

What about Instanthookups Privacy

Your privacy is of utmost importance, and the InstantHookups team gives your that solemn promise through their terms and conditions. Since the dating website regularly goes through international quality standards check, you can be sure that members will only see what you want them to. However, you may need to purchase the gold membership to enjoy all the privileges, including 99% privacy protection.

Are InstantHookups Chats Encrypted?


The site uses SSL encryption to secure end-to-end communication meaning there will be no leaks.

Can InstantHookups Track You Down?

The administration can only authorize a track down following a court permit. If you are engaged in a criminal offense, the site may cooperate with the police to expose your location. However, if you abide by the law, there should be no worry of being tracked down.

What Will the Free Version Offer You?


The free or basic version offers you 24 hours of unlimited exploration. You can access bits and pieces of individual profiles in this duration, although you won’t get the whole loaf. You also get to look around as you explore all the other provided features. The aim is to decide whether you want to become a premium member or not.

For most people, 24 hours is not sufficient to carefully investigate the platform and reach a conclusion. This tact seems like InstantHookups’ way to lure you into pouring money on their paid subscription.

How About the Paid Membership on Instanthookup?

Prices for premium memberships on the InstantHookups website err on the higher side. However, premium members get to enjoy the full features, including meeting up in person with your desired date. That said, it’s pretty easy to get yourself into paying more than what you subscribed for. Be sure to follow up on your credit to ensure you have no extra subscriptions.

  • Monthly Payment: $39.95
  • Tri-monthly Payment: $34.95

If that’s the Case, What are the Premium Features on InstantHookups

  • Free cams show that enables you to become acquainted with someone better.
  • Unlimited communication opportunities, allowing you to reach out and respond to anyone you like.
  • The honor of browsing the complete profiles of members to get a clearer perspective of your ultimate match.
  • More specific filters allowing for advanced searches.
  • Engage in entertaining live webcams. Live communication allows for sincere feedback to your most pressing question, unlike on chats.

Support & Help


The InstantHookups support system works 24/7-365. The support panel can help answer any question or address an emerging event. For instance, the management will be quick to address issues such as fake accounts once presented by members. Moreover, you may need to confirm your current balance, cancel your subscription, or inquire about current promotions and new features.

You may either give the team a call or conveniently send them an email.

What Real Users Say About the Instanthookups?

“I love rain, I love the outdoors, but I still value my privacy. I couldn’t get that in relationships until I met InstantHookups. The site allowed me to exercise all my weird fetish desires without fear of judgment. The dates also come as they are. I started with a casual hookup and now decided to switch to a long-term relationship. Now, we are celebrating two years thanks to this dating site.”

Bride Sanders

“When everyone around you is either getting married or laid, it’s bound to get to you eventually. I was pretty jealous of my friends since I never seemed to get a guy who understood me or appreciated my desire. However, the InstantHookups automatch feature has never disappointed me. Now, I am a contented girl who gets what I want, when I want it, and exactly how I want it.”

Jenifer Odyssey

Alternative Apps Like InstantHookups

You may have gone through a terrible encounter on your first night that made you regret ever trying online dating. If that’s the case, you can either quit or be resilient enough and give it another shot. Here are the best alternatives to InstantHookups;

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • TenderMeets
  • Ashley Madison
  • Flirty Mature
  • Date Hookups
  • Live Jasmin

Contact Details

Phone Number: 1-866-717-4863

Company and Address: Quad Strategy Ltd. 42 Dositheou Street Strovolos Nicosia 2028 Cyprus

Company Address 2: 2 Cotney Croft, Stevenage, United Kingdom, SG2 9PT

Email: [email protected]


Is InstantHookups Safe for Members?

Yes. Aside from using SSL encryption, the site also has a 5-star B.B.B.O rating and a “trusted security” sign. This shows the international approval of the site’s safety standards.

Is It Possible to Use InstantHookups Confidentially?

Yes. Members are encouraged to use alternative names and avoid sharing personal data. Due to the high level of encryption, it is possible to communicate privately and confidentially.

Is InstantHookups Dating Legit?

Perhaps the most pressing question for users – is InstantHookups legit? Well, there are several phony accounts that the management is dealing with. Some have even applied for a premium membership with no success. The baseline is, InstantHookups is a real dating site, but it has its fair share of challenges.

How Do I Start Using the InstantHookups Platform?

Start by signing up on the InstantHookups website to become a free member and get wide access to premium options in the next 24 hours. Signing up involves only six questions to understand your preference. Once you are through, you’ll be led to your local searches to meet the hottest singles in town.

Is InstantHookups Free?

InstantHookups has a lot of free features. However, you won’t enjoy all the privileges on a free membership account.

With a monthly subscription, you get to view the complete profiles of members. Moreover, you can reach out to anyone at any time as long as they are interested.

Does InstantHookups Really Work?

Yes. We have a bunch of testimonies to prove the site is not a scam.


Ladybug luck could be prompting you into the InstantHookups direction. If so, it’s about time to risk it and take your chances with the best online dating experience. Log in today to find the perfect date of a lifetime.

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