Hookup Apps for Couples
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Hookup Apps for Couples: Best of 2023

GOOD FOR finding fast and easy hookups

Best Hookup Apps for Couples sites

  1. Good for men looking for fellow men BuddyGays
  2. Good for adults looking for casual dating CasualDates
  3. Good for older men and women looking for relationships FlirtyMature
  4. Good for for finding casual sex partners Together2Night
  5. Good for meeting more people online for dating and friendship SPDate
  6. Good for lonely singles who are looking relationships of different kinds TenderMeets
  7. Good for meeting Big Beautiful Women FatFlirt
  8. Good for single people search for casual hookups OneNightFriend
  9. Good for finding fast and easy hookups InstantHookups

Ethical non-monogamy has risen for the past few years. A poll conducted in 2016 stated that a notable percentage had engaged in sexual activities with someone else while still in a relationship with their partner’s knowledge. Most people are interested in polyamory, especially people in pop culture. Non-monogamy is defined as everything that takes place outside of a monogamous relationship with the knowledge and agreement of all parties involved.

There are various hookup sites for couples. The categories vary from one another. Most of these apps are meant to help one spice up things bringing excitement to one’s relationship. Couples dating sites give couples a chance to get the connections that they desire. Not only are singles benefiting from the internet dating environment, but so are couples seeking a little under-the-radar flirting and enjoyment.

Several brands are top in the list of hookup apps for couples. They include;

1. FabSwingers.com


FabSwingers.com is a site that can help you get in touch with real swingers in the online space. The site has a verification system which means that only genuine swingers are found in this app. It is the best hookup site for couples in Canada, New Zealand, Uk, Australia, and the USA.


FabSwingers.com has a straightforward registration process. It takes five minutes of your time to register in this couple hookup app. You are required to fill in some details on the registration page, and you’re good to go. An email is then sent immediately to your address for you to verify your details. After verification, you’re required to create a profile, your descriptions, and an introduction telling others about yourself.


  • You can get as much fun as you want in this couple hookup app.
  • It’s an excellent site to meet new people.
  • The service is almost entirely free to use.
  • Meet Today is a tool that allows you to meet people immediately.
  • Listings of upcoming events
  • The site is straightforward, making it extremely easy to comprehend.
  • All users are vetted, and access to the site is restricted to those granted permission to do so. This helps to prevent situations of people with bogus accounts.
  • To meet someone in real life as soon as possible, a function enables you to do just that. Meet Today is the name of the game.
  • The website has a calendar of events that may be of interest to lovers of swing music. It’s also an excellent method for people to get to know one another better.


  • The site’s mobile version is difficult to navigate. It is not a standalone program that can be downloaded and installed but rather a website that has been optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Using web chat on an Apple device is not possible at this time. You will, however, need to install Flash.
  • There aren’t many events available.
  • Because it has a small user base, there is minimal possibility of meeting someone.
  • The site’s design is a bit old and unattractive, which is unfortunate.


  • FabSwingers.com has a structure that’s similar to the ordinary hookup apps for couples.
  • FabSwingers.com is free of charge. However, most couples hookup apps have restrictions for free users. The site has some features which are only visible when you pay for a premium account. The paid version of FabSwingers is not necessary; instead, it’s a luxury.
  • The site has an events tab where you can find something you like.


FabSwingers.com communication options are free of charge. The free version runs constant advertising to earn money and cover its costs. The premium membership account is called site supporter. The paid version is the best hookup app for couples, costing $8 for a maximum subscription of 50 days.

2. Feeld


Feeld is a hookup app for couples with over 1.8 million users, 60 percent male. The Field network welcomes people of all sexual orientations and enables them to link their accounts with a significant other, lover, or friend so that they may view each other’s likes, matches, and discussions. The app’s open-ended design allows singles and couples to freely explore their joys, ignite their desires, and have a wide range of sexual encounters.


  • Anonymous, to a certain extent
  • This is an excellent approach to begin exploring your sexuality and quirks.
  • It gives the possibility to connect your profiles with those of your significant other
  • It has an interface that is simple and easy to use
  • The app is dependable and has a secure and easy charging system
  • 20+ sexual and gender identities that are sex-positive
  • Users tend to be forthright about their objectives.


  • It has a much lower user base than things like Tinder or AFF.
  • Getting through to meet people from the matches you do get can be difficult.
  • You can come across a few individuals you know.
  • The Field app has some usability issues.
  • Often you can be locked out of the app, causing you to miss alerts.


  • The field hookup app for couples has the same features as Tinder and Bumble.
  • The app provides profiles of people that fit the criteria you have defined.


The prices of the Feeld couple hookup app are very simple. There are two options: the free version and the paid premium version called Majestic membership. You have two choices if you choose to pay for membership. Alternatively, you may pay $11.99 each month or $23.99 every three-month period (USD), which works out to $8.00 per month.

3. SwingerSafari


SwingerSafari is the best hookup app for couples as it is GPS enabled. SiwingeSafari gives adults a platform to make real-time matches with available sexually active people in their area. There is a possibility of turning the lowkey chats into steamy romantic acts in the app. SwingerSafari hookup app for couples makes an easier way for couples seeking a third person by offering a guide that gets people where they want to be.

SwingerSafari has received accolades for its fast-working features and responsive dating service. SwingerSafari is available to iPhone and Android users who are looking for a good time.


  • One can privately message someone and exchange photos
  • Filters are available which let you choose who to see based on factors that matter to you
  • It’s free on android devices and doesn’t run Ads.


  • It requires one to use a better high-end device because it crashes, mainly if you use an average android device.


  • The app looks quite complicated yet feels very simple
  • The integration of the map and the indications on the map indicating a kinky affair or a place where something is about to happen is efficient.
  • It provides a winking sign that’s used to get people’s attention.
  • It has a block option where you can block anyone and never see their profiles again.


SwingerSafari hookup site for couples offers two plans of $2 and $5. The casual hookup app for couples provides a lifetime membership worth fifty dollars. The lifetime pricing is very considerate compared with the prices offered.

4. Swingers Date Club

Swingers Date Club was founded in 2000, and it’s one of the most popular swinger communities on the internet. Swinger Date Club is one of the hookup apps for couples and singles. SDC mainly focuses on creating parties and events. Members who have subscribed to the premium membership of this app get access to SDC’s travel events which have occurred a couple of times in a year. At these events, swingers get a chance to spend time together.

Swinger Date is the best hookup app for couples because it gives users a chance to open about their fetishes, comfort level, and detailed preferences without judging.


  • Searching for public events and private parties is possible
  • SDC events may be used as “swinging-vacation” opportunities
  • A thorough analysis of each member’s preferences and receptivity to new ideas is provided.


  • There’s no money-back guarantee provision
  • There are no video conversations
  • It takes some time to get used to the navigation on the site.


  • Finding traveling companions is made possible via speed dating
  • Blogs, forums, and videos are all part of this lively community
  • Provides parties that are open to the public and those that are private
  • SDC organizes events around the globe
  • The tastes and openness of each individual are described in detail on their respective profiles.


Swingers Date Club services can be tested for free. However, you can’t send messages for free on this site. The prices vary from monthly payments up to lifetime durations. The rate for a one-month subscription is $30, while a lifetime membership is $250.

The free services allow one to;

  • Attend speed dating events to meet new people
  • Become a member of the SDC community
  • Travel arrangements should be entered into the Travel calendar
  • Make use of the invitation software
  • Include yourself in the photos and videos that are being shown
  • Upload a picture of yourself to the SDC login page
  • Include a second profile location in your profile
  • Afterward, there are parties (but pending approval)
  • Keep up to date with the latest travel opportunities

Below are the fee-based service advantages. One can;

  • Make contact with other members
  • Make any necessary changes to your profile
  • Webcam chat room access is provided
  • Verify your work and allow others to validate your work
  • View all of the profiles and photographs
  • Make use of the instant messenger service
  • Post new entries in the Swingers’ blogs
  • Make yourself available to other members
  • Participate in a party and include yourself on the guest list
  • Access to the voyeur cam is granted.

5. BeNaughty


BeNaughty is among the best hookup apps for couples. The site welcomes new ideas which couples can make use of to spice up their sexual lives. Many members are open to having threesomes with couples, as that is what they are into. Most of them are women, and wives in marriages can get a double dose of women’s and men’s treatment at a go.


  • Finding things is made simple
  • Navigation is made simple
  • The speed with which you can sign up
  • Due to the lack of advertisements
  • The capacity to send as many messages as you desire at any one time
  • The presence of more than ten nations’ worth of members
  • The accessibility of customer service.


  • The website is often under attack by competitors.


BeNaughty is a free hookup app for couples. There is a possibility of filtering your partner using some parameters such as;

  • The marital status
  • The ethnicity
  • The color of their hair
  • The videos and photos in their profiles
  • You can send more than 5 messages at a go and also use a video as your profile. Winks can be sent for free in this app regardless of not having a premium account. Once you purchase a premium account, you get a chance to message other women.


The subscription costs vary from time to time. The site provides a 3-day trial period for $0.99 a day plus two days for free. If you wish to continue utilizing advanced features, you may purchase 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month memberships for $0.91, $0.51, or $0.41 per day, respectively.

What is a Good Hookup App for Couples?

A couple willing to find the best hookup app for themselves should sit down and discuss their preferences and specifications. Once specifications have been found, they should find the hookup app that suits their needs. There are free hookup apps for couples others are paid for premium membership. It can sometimes be challenging to find a good couple hookup app couples. It is advisable for couples to check the options if hookup apps for couples and choose the best one for their needs

How Many Hookup Apps for Couples are there?

There are over 15000 hookup sites. Each of these couple hookup apps provides its distinctive characteristics, making it different from the others.

How to Choose Apps with the Best Options for Couples?

The best step to finding the best hookup app for couples is through analysis of their sexual desires. Couples should sit down and discuss their sexual fantasies, fetishes, and what they wish to explore. This makes it easier for them to choose the best site. The specifications will help them choose the dating site to join for them to fulfill their sexual desires.

Why Hookup Apps Don’t Always Effective for Couples?

Hookup apps for couples are always effective to couples if they suit their specific needs. Some couples don’t analyze what they need, which eventually leads them to join a dating site that doesn’t reciprocate their needs. Wrong hookup sites cannot be effective for couples. Proper analysis of the need for a team to join a hookup site should be analyzed before settling for the best they can join.

Over the past few years, polyamory has been an emerging lifestyle. Most people who practice polyamory have full permission from their partners. Polyamory is not considered cheating. People who identify as polyamorous may believe in open relationships with intentional jealousy control and reject the notion that sexual and relational exclusivity is required for deep, committed, long-term, loving partnerships. Others choose to limit their sexual activity to just group members, resulting in a closed polyamorous relationship that is often referred to as polyfidelity.

Polyamory is a popular lifestyle that has led to the emergence of casual hookup apps couples. These hookup sites give couples a chance to explore their sexual fantasies by finding the right partners in the apps. Polyamory lifestyle is practiced by couples who are conscious of what they are doing.

How Much Do Hookup Sites Cost?

Hookup apps for couples have different price ranges. The prices differ considering the services they offer in a couple of hookup apps. The least amount one can pay on any site is $2 per day. The best hookup apps for couples have price quotations of monthly, three months, six months, a whole year, or lifetime subscriptions. Couples willing to explore the sexual world for a lifetime are advised to subscribe to the lifetime subscription.

Free Hookup Apps vs. Paid Hookup Apps for Couples?

Hookup apps have a free version and a paid version. The free hookup apps for couples are the most common ones. However, free hookup apps have limitations pushing one to get a premium membership to enjoy the apps’ advanced features. However, the paid version of couples hookup apps is a luxury.

Conclusion: Enjoy the Poly Lifestyle on Hookup Apps for Couples

The best hookup apps for couples help couples enjoy a poly lifestyle. To settle on the best couple hookup app, any couple is advised to write down their sexual fantasies expectations and find a couples hookup app that suits them, failure to do this; a couple can end up joining a hookup app that will not meet their sexual desires. It’s therefore advisable to do proper research before joining any couple hookup app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Hookup Apps Work?

Most hookup apps work. Testimonies of people who’ve had the best hookups are found in the comment section of any hookup app for couples. Couples sign up using their details and provide descriptions of what they want in their profiles. To find their perfect match, they have to read other people’s profiles and know what the other party is looking for. If they match, they can go for a date and lay each other afterward if they find it worth their time.

Are there Any Truly Free Hookup Apps?

Free hookup apps for couples are available; however, they have some limitations. Some apps limit people from sending more than 5 messages. The free version of any couple hookup app limits one from enjoying the advanced features. Therefore, couples should pay for the premium membership to enjoy all the advanced features of any hookup app for couples.

How Many Couples Use Hookup Apps

Most kinky couples use hookup apps to fulfill their sexual desires. About 17% of couples use hookup apps.

How Soon Should a Couple Try to Reach Out to a New Match?

It’s not advisable to quickly message the person or couple you’ve already matched with. The high chances are that both parties are still reading each other’s profiles. Wait for maybe a day and decide what to ask them first. You can check their profiles and ask any questions about them. This makes it easy for them to reply and lets them know that you have taken the time to read their profile specifications.

He Had A Perfect First Date, but there’s No Chemistry. Should I Go for the Second Date?

The truth is, it can take a few dates for you to get comfortable with a new person. If you’ve had the best time on the first day and feel like there’s no chemistry, give it time.

How Long Does It Take for a Profile to be Approved?

Approval of one’s profile in most hookup apps for couples takes a maximum of five minutes

How Much Do Couples Subscriptions Cost?

Hookup apps for couples’ subscription cost vary from one app to another. There is a free membership and paid premiums. For the paid premiums, it depends on the type of subscription that you want. It mainly varies from $2 per day.

Are Couples Dating Sites Safe?

Yes. Couples can use dating sites to meet new people. However, couples are advised to set boundaries to protect themselves from scammers. Don’t share any personal or financial information with a stranger you just met online!

How Do I Pick the Best Dating App?

Your circumstances and relationship objectives will determine the ideal dating site for you. You need to consider what kind of online dating experience you want and how much work, time, and money you’re prepared to put into it before you can get started.

Also, check online reviews of the dating app that interests you or that you’re considering. What others have to say after using it can give you some insights that might influence your decision to either sign up or go for the next best dating app.

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