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Asian Hookup Apps: Top of 2023

Best Asian Hookup Apps sites

  1. Good for meeting Big Beautiful Women FatFlirt
  2. Good for finding fast and easy hookups InstantHookups
  3. Good for adults looking for casual dating CasualDates
  4. Good for single people search for casual hookups OneNightFriend
  5. Good for older men and women looking for relationships FlirtyMature
  6. Good for men looking for fellow men BuddyGays
  7. Good for lonely singles who are looking relationships of different kinds TenderMeets
  8. Good for meeting more people online for dating and friendship SPDate
  9. Good for for finding casual sex partners Together2Night



Best for finding: Serious relationships


  • Users can block and report spam profiles
  • Proof of Identity verification
  • Live Chat available
  • Modern, user-friendly interface
  • Profiles are private
  • Well established site
  • Up-to-date phone app.


  • Payment methods aren’t anonymous
  • It doesn’t accept the LGBTQ community.


  • Users can browse, view and rate other users’ pictures
  • Webcam chat
  • Block feature
  • Private chats
  • Regional searches.


TrulyAsian offers a free version with most of the main features to use on the site. Payments are made with credit cards.

  • 7 Days cost $4.95
  • 30 Days cost $24.95



Best for finding: Serious and casual relationships


  • Free registration
  • Only for Asians
  • The free version enables the users to enjoy most of the features
  • Wide user-base of about 1,000,000
  • Free for women
  • Fewer payment options compared to other similar sites
  • Most efficient Asian dating app
  • Both the website and the phone app are modern, simple, and user-friendly.


  • Few key features
  • Men need a membership
  • Some features limited to the free users.


  • Dating tips
  • Users can search for potential matchups
  • Browse other user profiles
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Smile feature
  • Users can see people who have viewed their profiles
  • Read receipts.


It’s free for women. For Asian men, there is a free option. To access all the features of the app, a membership plan is encouraged. One-year membership plans range from $11.99.



Best for finding: Casual hookups and Long-term relationships


  • You can access the site using your Facebook account
  • It offers the best dating services for serious relationships
  • User-friendly interface
  • Users can chat with users from different countries
  • Top-notch customer care service
  • Quick sign up process
  • Free registration.


  • Phone app available in android only
  • Premium membership plans are expensive
  • Main features aren’t available in the general free service.


  • Send interests
  • Live chat
  • Instant messaging
  • Basic matching
  • Communicate with paying members.


A free version is available with some of the main features. There are two paid membership plans, Gold and Platinum.

  • Gold – $29.98
  • Platinum – $34.99



Best for finding: Committed relationships


  • Dating tips
  • The search tool is efficient
  • Free registration
  • You can chat with singles from all around the world
  • It has a quick and easy sign-up process
  • Key features are available for free.


  • Many ads on the website
  • Outdated website design
  • There are many spam profiles and incomplete profiles
  • No special features are available.


  • Match service
  • Instant Messages
  • Live Online Chat
  • Email Support
  • Chat.


There is only a free version for this website.



Best for finding: Casual relationships and serious relationships


  • Available in many languages
  • Efficient matching system
  • Modern aesthetic interface
  • Last seen feature
  • It has a quick and easy sign-up process
  • Free registration.


  • Free membership has no features users can work with efficiently
  • Outdated website design and system.


  • Singles blogs
  • Instant messenger
  • Both text and video chat
  • Your friend network
  • Voice and video introductions
  • Send winks to members
  • Cupid Match
  • Groups
  • Members profiles and photo albums.


Silver membership includes;

  • One month – $14.99
  • Three months – $29.97
  • 12 months – $71.88

Gold membership includes;

  • One month – $18.99
  • Three months – $50.97
  • 12 months – $107.82

The Main Reasons We Call these Apps the Best Asian Dating Apps

These Apps are Well-Tested and Loved

The dating sites above are a compilation of the best Asian dating apps in the game, dating apps that have been in the dating game scene for the longest and have improved through their many years of service. The apps we’ve reviewed are the most popular Asian dating sites, and hence you will find it very easy to get matched up with a potential partner due to the evolved algorithms these apps have acquired over their service period. Millions of users have used the Asian dating sites above for years who have given nothing but positive reviews about them. Reviewers have researched these sites and have come out with one synonymous review, and these are the best Asian dating sites. These sites have connected millions of Asians across the globe and have the highest success rates among all other similar sites you will find online.

Finding Asian Singles is Easy and Fast

Searching for Asian singles is very convenient and easy with the sites above. It doesn’t matter if you are using a mainstream app or a niche app. The apps we’ve reviewed have users worldwide, and you can use them to search for an Asian single anywhere in the world, mostly if you live in an Asian country or a country with a high Asian population.

Whether you opt for one of our niche apps or a mainstream option, you’ll find searching for Asian singles convenient and easy. Once you sign up and create your user profile, all that’s left is for you to choose from the many options of single Asians who match your preferences. This process is made easy due to the accuracy of the algorithms of these apps. You will get the partner you’re looking for.

You Can Experience a Safe Online Dating Experience

The sites we’ve reviewed above take the safety and security of their users very seriously by protecting their privacy. As long as you’re browsing safely, online dating is fun. These apps moderate the content shared by members and promptly act on users’ complaints to give their users the best dating experience. They also give their users guidance on safe online dating.

Creating Meaningful Relationships is Top Priority

The Asian dating sites above are committed to creating meaningful connections between their matches, unlike most mainstream dating apps that focus on casual sex. These Asian sites also have users looking to have casual sex, but these apps are structured to form meaningful connections no matter what the users are looking for. This is achieved by the effective, accurate questions the users are asked during the sign-up and registration process.

What Features Do Hookup Apps for Asians Have?

Artificial Intelligence chatbots

It’s worth noting that not all Asian hookup apps use AI chatbots. AI chatbot revolutionized dating apps by helping users navigate the app and even helping users improve their flirting game by giving them suggestions on what to say. Not all users depend on these chatbots to get their dates, but it can come in handy for shy people and people who aren’t good at expressing themselves. Although AI chatbots have many advantages, some dating apps misuse chatbots to increase traffic in their hookup apps. They do this by making the chatbots create numerous fake accounts, especially female accounts, to lure men in. This can be frustrating for users who thought they had found a potential partner only to realize it was an AI chatbot.

Profile verification

As exciting as online dating can be, most people have bad experiences with these apps; hence the app designers of Asian hookup apps made sure to introduce profile verification. Profile verification is popular among mainstream dating apps. Here, the users have to provide legal proof of their identity for the safety and security of users. This enables the app management team to keep tabs on creeps and all kinds of people who may cause discomfort to other users of the app. Ensuring the safety and security of users should be the priority of every hookup app.

Hookup apps should not allow people to start using their services before they provide their legal identification, which should be confirmed. Taking this measure makes people trust the respective hookup apps. Other apps confirm the identity of the users by making users link their social media accounts to the app.

Advanced search

Advanced search is a feature that enables users to narrow down their preferences of a potential partner by using more search filters. People are choosy; that’s why they opt for hookup apps, to choose from a wide selection of people. Some of the things people want to know about other users that are made possible by advanced search filters include the astrological sign, religion, whether the user has a baby, whether they have tattoos, among other many search filters that are enabled by advanced filters. Not all Asian hookup apps have this feature, but all the Asian hookup apps reviewed in this article have this feature. Users are more drawn to a hookup app that allows them to be specific about what they are looking for.

Explore events and meet-ups

This feature allows users to let each other know events around the same location to plan a potential meet-up. You can specify the type of event that’s going to happen to invite more people, whether it’s a music concert, an album listening party, or a grill and barbeque party. This feature was introduced to dating apps to make it easier for users to plan meet-ups.


Asian hookup apps are coming up with new ideas to make online dating more fun for users. Most of these hookup apps now come with in-built games which partners on the site play to build their team spirit and get to know each other more and lighten the mood and create the mood for love or sex, whichever the users signed up to look for.

Profile performance checker

Dating profiles are the foundation of dating apps. Without people creating profiles, no one would be interested in trying out dating apps because a user profile is what makes people know and try to understand each other on hookup apps. Most Asian hookup apps provide a profile performance checker to help users achieve a standard user profile. Some people aren’t able to create a profile that will attract people, so a profile performance checker is meant to guide such people to making attractive profiles.

Behavior Analysis

This feature analyzes users based on their preferences and things they write about themselves on their bio. And uses the statistics to match users.

Artificial Intelligence video calls

You must be wondering what Artificial Intelligence would be doing on a video call because our cameras function properly without AI. Artificial intelligence on Asian hookup sites is used for two main reasons. First, when a user wants to search for a look-alike of a famous actor, singer, celebrity, or politician, Artificial intelligence can use its advanced facial recognition to find a look-alike. The second function is to censor any nudity that may pop up in video calls. Artificial Intelligence has many applications in dating apps and online dating sites, and any app or website without it should upgrade its services.

Chatting in apps for Hookup Asians

Compliment the physical features of your online crush, especially if it’s a female. Girls like it when men compliment their shape and features. It’s a turn-on and will go a long way in forming a successful relationship. Don’t assume a lady knows she has a good body or beautiful eyes. Females need a lot of reassurance, so when you keep complimenting a lady as you continue chatting, you increase your chances of making her love you. Make sure you let the person you are chatting with know that you’ve gone through everything in their profile. People love it when you take time to try to get to know them.

Ask questions that provoke intimate conversation other than making small talk. If you’re hoping to connect with someone, you need to steer your conversations towards topics that will make the other person vulnerable enough to tell you more about their life. Small talk can be annoying to some people, and it generally shows you are a shy person. If you hope to genuinely connect with a person, you have to show them you are mature enough to handle deep conversations.

How Effective are Hookup Apps to Meet Asians?

Statistics reveal 60% of Asian hookup app users have had satisfactory experiences in their dating lives while engaging with these apps. A large number of people have been successful in getting matched to casual intimate relationships, some in serious exclusive relationships, while others have been successful in forging long-term relationships or marriage. The algorithms used in Asian dating apps are unique to Asian people but work the same as any other algorithms from mainstream dating apps. The data collected from the users either from their profiles, questions they are asked when registering, and their preferences are used by the algorithms to compare users and their personalities and match them up according to their similarities and compatibility.

Most users of Asian hookup apps have commended the apps for their accuracy in finding suitable partners for them. The only complaint that came up is the number of creeps who don’t know how to take hints, just like any other dating app. The victims of this are mostly young women. When you encounter such a situation where you’ve made it clear to the guy that you aren’t interested and they are still inappropriate, you can block them and report the issue to the respective app customer care and support.

Asian dating apps have the largest number of users. Just in China, there are over 620 million active users of Asian dating apps. The overall number of AsianDating app users worldwide is about 1 billion.

Asian hookup sites are used worldwide, including countries with low Asian populations. Asians are the most populated race in the world, with over 4 billion people. These numbers are reflected in Asian hookup apps. Asian hookup apps are popular for this reason; every Asian wants to get a partner. The old ways of being matched as soon as you’re born are slowly but surely fading away, leaving Asians to look for partners by themselves.

What Asian Hookup Apps Really Work?

1. Asiandating

Asiandating is an Asian-only hookup app. One reason Asians love this app is the balance between the women-to-men ratio and the fact that the app has six different languages.

This Asian hookup app has the highest success rate among all Asian hookup apps, with thousands of Asian couples testifying about their success stories that started on this app.

2. EastMeetEast

Launched in 2013, EastMeetEast has grown to be one of the biggest Asian sex hookup apps in the world. This app has over a million active users, and most of its users are Asian- Americans. This is not the only audience it has. It’s a worldwide Asian hookup app. Asian-Americans are just the most active users of the app. EastMeetEast has been praised by its users for its accuracy and efficiency in matchmaking. 60% of its users are satisfied with their matches.

Should I Join All the Apps on this List to Succeed?

No, you don’t have to join all dating apps to succeed in getting a date or a hookup. All you need is to invest your time and energy into one app of your preference, an app you feel will meet your needs.

Are there Completely Free Asian Hookup Apps?

All the dating apps we’ve reviewed in this article have a free version and are completely free to sign up for. However, these sites will not allow you to enjoy all the services unless you upgrade to a premium service. Because of this, completely free dating services have emerged in the past few years. Some of the best free Asian hookup apps include;

  • Match.
  • AsianDating
  • ThaiFriendly
  • Blossoms
  • AsiaFriendFinder
  • AsiaMe
  • EastMeetEast
  • FindLoveAsia
  • EliteSingles.

How to Stay Safe Using Online Apps?

1. Keep personal information professional and limited

Even as you create your bio, make sure to give the only necessary information; try as much as possible not to give too much personal information. Make your bio professional but not too official. Don’t include information about your assets or home address; giving such information is risky.

2. Be aware of costs and payment methods beforehand

Don’t just pay money without confirming the site you are about to purchase from is legitimate. Additionally, don’t just give your credit card details to any hookup app before confirming it is safe with someone you know who has used the service before.

3. Be aware of what permissions you are granting

Most people don’t check and read through the permissions they are asked before they grant these dating websites unlimited access to all their online data. This leaves such users and all their information exposed. Not all dating sites are legitimate, genuinely looking out for the best interests of the users. Some are malicious and ready to exploit users any chance they get.

4. Keep your privacy settings on

You don’t want people stalking your every move and moment online. When your privacy settings are on, you can limit the number of people viewing your profile, your photos, and even your lists. In order to be safe online, your privacy should be your priority. So always keep your settings on if you want to be safe.

5. Choose strong passwords

Choosing strong passwords for your networks and routers is an important measure when you want to ensure your safety online as you browse. Don’t choose easy passwords like your name or the first eight alphabets or numbers, something unique that only you can remember.

6. Make sure your internet connection is secure

To make sure your internet connection is secure, use strong wifi passwords, turn on encryption, rename your networks and routers, use multiple firewalls, and use a VPN.

7. Be careful what you download

When any download on your desktop asks for permissions before downloading, there is a high chance it’s not safe to download it, so make sure you download conventional software that you’re sure is safe.

8. Make online purchases from secure sites

When you buy anything online, make sure it’s from a day to day site that’s been confirmed to be a secure site. Any site with constant ads is not a secure site, so stay clear from such apps

9. Be careful what you post

The internet never forgets; anything you post will always be remembered so, be careful not to post anything you might regret later on. People might use your questionable photos to blackmail you.

Practice safe browsing

Safe browsing is something you have to learn if you don’t know anything about it. You can safely browse by downloading a VPN or a browser extension to mask your location and your online activity as you browse and even use online hookup apps.


What is Online Dating Safety Protocol?

  • Trust your instincts
  • Video chat before you meet up in person
  • Use different photos for your dating profile
  • Check out your potential date on social media
  • Don’t share too personal information
  • Do not respond to Requests for Financial Help
  • Avoid connecting with suspicious profiles
  • Block and report suspicious users.

How Much Do Hookup Apps Cost?

Each hookup app has different costs according to its membership plans.

How Do Hookup Apps Match Users?

Hookup apps can make almost perfect matches because of the accurate algorithms they use to match up people.

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